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With the recent introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel universe, it opens a whole new realm into the MCU. But there's other characters that I believe could also open the MCU to new worlds and different possibilities. Guardians of the Galaxy showed that people want to see different things and explore the Marvel universe further. So here's a couple of other heroes that I believe have been long over due for an introduction to the MCU.



Nova would've never been a hero that Marvel would have considered making a movie out of, a couple years back though. But then a little movie called Guardians of the Galaxy showed a different version of the Nova Corp. and Sam Alexander became a main character on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD.

Although Guardians director James Gunn denied that Nova would appear in Guardians 2, a Nova movie doesn't seem too far out of an idea. Even the Guardians are considered lesser known heroes than Nova himself. And if not that, then Nova in an ensemble film could very well be possible in the near future.

Keep an eye out for Nova because he could pop out of many places in the MCU.

2. She-Hulk

It still shocks me that they haven't made a movie out of this character yet. One of the most pivotable females in the Marvel universe, Jennifer Walters isn't exactly the Mark Ruffalo "HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS" but she is a unique, intelligent and a powerful woman. Trading the Hulk-ish strength for more brains.

Jennifer is actually a lawyer and fights for superhuman cases. What's better a hero than that? She's also been a vital member of the Avengers before and even supported Iron Man in the Civil War storyline. And honestly with the good reception of Ruffalo's Hulk I could see her showing up in any film. Not to mention, she's one of the few characters that escaped the shadows of their namesakes and proved that they could be as important to their universe also.

3. Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu

Iron Fist ain't the only badass martial artist that Marvel has. To put it in simple terms, Shang-Chi is the Bruce Lee of the Marvel universe. Hell, even his name translates to the Rising and Advancing of the Spirits. Holy cow. Not to mention he was one of the few members of the Avengers that can stand along side of the likes of gods like Thor and the Hulk with no powers and still appear to be one of the most badass members. Not to mention he could take on heroes such as Spider-Man and Captain America and put up more than a worthy fight, that's gotta say something.

If the Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage Netflix series prove to be a success then I could definitely see ol' Shang making an appearance somewhere in the MCU someday.

4. Namor the Sub-Mariner

One of the oldest, seriously he "surfaced" in Marvel Comics #1 in 1939 (Get it? *ba dum tss*), and one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe (he's a member of the Marvel Illuminati believe it or not).

Namor however falls into the same complicated film rights field as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. He was an enemy of the Avengers back in the day, part of the Fantastic Four mythos, and even became an X-Men in 2006. Universal even said they had a Namor movie in development but some later reports reported that the project was shelved. Not much has been reported about the Atlantean films since then but it is still a big possibility.

With the soon introduction of Aquaman in the Batman V. Superman film, Marvel and Fox may want to start reaching into other similar territory in their new films.

5. Wasp

Along with Hank Pym, I believe Wasp should've been introduced into Phase 1 of Marvel films. She was actually one of the founding members of the Avengers and one of the most resourceful leaders they had not to mention she was Marvel's second super heroine (behind only Invisible Woman). Maybe with the introduction of Ant-Man, she'll make an appearance but it's highly doubtful since Michael Douglas is playing Mr. Pym and he's pretty old. Mr. Douglas even stated in an interview that the conflict with the character is that "a tragic personal accident that happened with my wife", so it seems like Janet van Dyne is no more.

She is one of the most prominent females in the entire Marvel universe and fans have been aching to finally see her in a film for some time now. It just feels strange how we get a talking gun wielding raccoon first before we get one of the most important females in Marvel's history.

Hopefully we get to see the characters live-action incarnation someday.

6. Werewolf by Night

I bet some of you are going, "what the hell since when did Marvel have a werewolf?" or "oh god I don't want Twilight to be in the MCU". But yup it's true and no, the story of Jack Russell is nothing like Twilight. It's actually a pretty gothic and freaky story if you ask me, a Hulk, Wolf Man meets Van Helsing sort of thing.

The story is, Jack Russell's ancestor Grigori Russoff's wife Louisa was killed by Dracula back in 1795 after he refused to acknowledge Dracula's primacy. Grigori then ambushed and destroyed the wicked vampire but was bitten by a girl named Lydia, a werewolf that the count held as a prisoner. But guess what, he never turned into a werewolf and his descendents didn't either! But wait it gets weirder, it wasn't until 1930 when a descendent of Grigori named Gregor read a book about lycanthropy under a full moon that actually triggered the dormant curse and screwed his bloodline for the rest of their days, turning them into hairy beasts of the night. Wow, talk about a confusing and freaky origin story, especially since it takes place in the Marvel universe! And yes it's true, Count Dracula is an actual official Marvel character! But guess what!? So is the Frankenstein Monster, the Mummy and the freakin' Invisible Man!

Let me get back on track though, the main reason I want the character of Jack Russell to be introduced to the MCU is because his movie could introduce us to all these freaky, classic monsters. Maybe even introduce us to a new Blade and Swamp Thing. Jack in my opinion is a very underrated character that hasn't reached his full potential yet. And with the recent werewolves and vampire craze it shouldn't be too hard to adapt this to a successful movie and could introduce us to a different part of the MCU we've never seen before.

7. Adam Warlock

One of the most mysterious, mystical and interesting characters in the entire Marvel universe. Also one of the most powerful people in the universe and one of the few people in the entire galaxy that can take on the mad Titan Thanos, Warlock isn't a hero you should take lightly.

With his cocoon visible in the Guardian's of the Galaxy's Collector's room it's safe to say that Warlock will play a major role in GOTG 2 and the Infinity War. If you don't know, Adam plays a pivotal role in the Infinity saga, being the only hero that can stop Thanos' mad tyranny. Director James Gunn hasn't denied that he won't show up and some even speculate that Warlock may be Star-Lord's father. It seems like Warlock will most definitely appear in the MCU since he serves as a major connection between the Marvel heroes, Infinity Stones, Thanos and the cosmic setting.

Warlock is a character many fans have been anticipating since the reveal of Thanos at the end of the first Avengers. It's more of a

8. Spider-Woman

With the recent announcement of Spider-Man joining the MCU, I believe it's safe to say that means Spider-Woman comes with the deal. In comics, Jessica Drews history as a spy, and her membership as an Avenger as well as her ties with HYDRA and SHIELD are perfect for her to be part of the MCU so why the hell not?

Sony has stated they were going to make a solo Spidey female lead film for some time and I believe it might be the heroine herself. Now that she could be part of the MCU it seems to be a perfect time for it. So we're ready, Sony and Marvel. Give us Spider-Woman

9. The Punisher

Now we're entering the strange territory, yes, the Punisher has had his run in films before. But let's face it, he's never been done right. The story of Frank Castle is more than capable to be made to film and can be a fantastic film to show the darker side of the MCU. Think of Rambo, Expendables, The Dark Knight meet Charles Bronson's Deathwish.

Maybe in the recent Marvel Spider-Man films we can see Castle make his first appearance? Or in Captain America: Civil War?

I think it's about time Frankie gets a reboot.

10. Ghost Rider

Out of all comic characters to be portrayed in film, Ghost Rider's had to be the saddest. A badass, motorcycling, hell raising (literally), agent of Satan is a great concept. Too bad they hired Nicolas Cage to play Johnny Blaze and turn Blackheart to whoever that guy was in the movies.

Honestly, all Marvel has to do is hire the right lead, director, get the right script and then it should be a success. They did it with Daredevil, why not Ghost Rider?

11. Wolverine

Come on! It's Wolverine! This guy has to be on everyone's wish list for characters to be in the MCU. And why wouldn't he be? He's without a doubt the most badass and famous character in Marvel behind Spider-Man. But Logan is also a complex, unique and involving character of the Marvel universe. He would be great for the MCU. Not to mention introducing him would make billions of more dollars and even put the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU.

This is a long shot though but come on Fox, listen to the fans. Hugh Jackman even said he'd be down to be in the Avengers. So come on Fox, Sony agreed, so why can't you? Don't be a party pooper.


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