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San Diego Comic-Con has long been a place for many studios to come and show off all the cool stuff they're doing. It's a prime place to display all the geeky goodness that your company has to offer. Marvel studios has, since its creation, been a regular attender of the convention in order to show off its upcoming movie productions. And why on Earth wouldn't they? The hype Hall H creates every year is off the charts and it's almost a no-brainer that they would go.

However, when James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) was asked if he was going to be in attendance this year, he replied thus:

“I'm not sure. Marvel isn't going so I'm not sure I will either.”

Wait, what?

He has just explicitly stated that Marvel Studios is going to give SDCC a miss this year. But why? What reason could you possibly have for not taking this massive opportunity to wow your audience with reveals, announcements and exclusive clips. Marvel has, in recent years, been the masters of using this opportunity to its fullest advantage. Well, here are three potential reasons as to why you won't see Marvel at Comic-Con this year:

1) It's not worth the money

not that they're short on it
not that they're short on it

It costs quite a large sum of money to secure a place to preach at SDCC. And while Marvel most definitely have the money to spend, do they really need it? I mean, when they announce anything in any way, it makes it round the internet like wildfire. Just look at how quickly the news about Spider-Man reached everyone's ears. So perhaps they've crunched the numbers and made the call that spending the money on Hall H just doesn't give a good enough return to justify not simply telling the world about it via the internet.

2) They have nothing left to announce


After releasing a slate that shows us their film line-up until 2019, there aren't exactly any massive reveals they can pull. Sure, they could announce the casting of one of their major characters or try and build some hype for some outside bets, but linking in with the first idea, they have other ways of doing that. Could they be regretting making that big announcement and now realizing that they have nothing left to say at this years convention? I think this is unlikely, as they could use it to reveal Spider-Man news, or show off some new footage that they have, or just anything at all and we all lap it up dutifully.

3) They're having their own convention

because they can
because they can

After using their own event to announce that aforementioned movie slate, it may have occurred to Kevin Feige that he can just use his own conventions to build hype. After all, that big announcement was just as big a hit as anything they ever did at SDCC, so why not use this to save the money? This is my favorite idea by far, as it means that we still get the awesomeness of a Marvel panel. It also draws a line in the sand to any competition out there and says, "we're above all of you, we can have our own Comic-Con and be just as successful". Which is a typical Marvel stunt to pull, and gives them even more press.

Wrapping Up...

What do you guys think? Do you have your own theory on why we won't see Marvel in Hall H this year? If so, feel free to let us know below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!

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