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Hey! I'm Yama Orce, comic book artist and illustrator from Uruguay. I've been developing fantasy and RPG related art, working as a concept artist for D&D and Pathfinder 3rd party publishers. Following the trail of old fantasy and comic art masters, I'm trying to reach new horizons in the way to express what is yet not created, what lays in imagination.
Right now I'm exploring some other approach with comic book characters, looking forward to get some pages or illustrations published and found this opportunity here to share my artwoks with you all.

I'm working on a series of portraits and cover illutrations about the Batman universe(for this first stage the Gotham Sirens characters), trying to set up a proper portfolio and hoping to break into the comic industry.
So I extend my inviation to join me in this artsitic journey and hope you all enjoy these artworks as much as I enjoy creating them.

More updates coming soon!




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