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[No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) is one of the most anticipated titles of 2015, and while I feel the excitement steadily building up inside me for its release date, I can't help but curtail my expectations for this PC and PS4 exclusive. No Man's Sky has heaps of pressure placed upon it to succeed.

I feel as if, and I'm not alone in saying this, that part of the exclusivity battle hinges on its acclaim. Its an indie title developed by Hello Games, a team that is dedicated to innovative designs in the gaming industry. And while its procedurally generated universe sounds like something that we'll be able to enjoy until the day we die, the reality may in fact be quite contradictory.

No Man's Sky & Its Procedurally Generated Universe

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

What No Man's Sky offers us is seemingly endless enjoyment. It promises us unending exploration in any direction we desire. But as we've recently seen with Hello Games' announcement about the scope of their universe, a lot of things are going to have to be curtailed and checked on.

Hello Games recently revealed that they themselves have had to construct probes to explore their own game. They venture out into the dark of space to see what lies beyond. While this may sound like a developer fascinated by their own world, the reality is that hello Games have got to keep No Man's Sky in check!

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky: Can Hype Hurt This PS4 & PC Indie Game?

Hello Games are essentially venturing out into their world in order to investigate if the computer is designing appropriate worlds. A planet where all of the inhabitants continually throw up doesn't exactly sound like something I want to see. And of course, it would be contradictory to the artistic intents of the artists behind the game.

Therefore, the computer is going to have to stick within a certain degree of parameters. Venturing outside of these means that No Man's Sky could get out of control, and that's something I'm sure Hello Games wish to prevent at all costs. Therefore, like other procedurally generated games in the past, we'll begin to witness No Man's Sky's tropes.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Could No Man's Sky Become Predictable?

I feel that after a few hours with the game, we'll begin to see very similar planets, ones whose colour scheme seems to be the only thing that's changed. This may in fact prevent the game from enjoying years of enjoyment. But that's not to say that one playthrough of the game won't satisfy, I've just had to adjust my expectations.

I've felt like No Man's Sky is the game I've always dreamed of. And while I'm sure that its innovative design will be a great pleasure to interact with at the outset, I worry about its continued and long lasting appeal. No Man's Sky is certainly going to be a beautiful indie game, I just worry that hype is going to affect its reception. Am I alone in thinking this? Are you annoyed its not on Xbox One? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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