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I'm sure every Tim Burton fan or Nightmare fan has wondered: "Will there ever be a sequel for it?" and like most people I think it's highly unlikely (and not very highly recommended) that it will never have one and here are the main reasons why there wouldn't/couldn't be a sequel:

1. The Story

There isn't really a lot to go off on to create a decent sequel. Though I'm sure there are fan theories and such that might provide a good enough sequel to make us love it, it's just not really possible with what's on hand. Sure we could have Jack and Sally with their kids, trying to help out Christmas Town or defeat someone that wants to avenge Oogie Boogie but that just doesn't feel the same as the original story. There's also the problem of trying to figure out what Jack and Sally's children would look like and I for one have NO IDEA what that would be. Though I have seen some fan art on it but none of them really felt..... right? So to speak....

2. Nothing will be as good as Halloween taking over Christmas

I know this is branching off 1 but it's right there and had to mention it! It really was amazing that someone actually thought about it and shared it with the whole world as brilliantly as Tim Burton did and that's the problem with a sequel. Halloween might make Valentine Town more interesting with actual bloody hearts instead of fake ones but let's face it, nothing will compare to the polar opposite holidays meeting. EVER!

3. Bad Disney Sequels

With the exception of a few, Disney has been pretty bad at creating sequels for their great originals or at least so mediocure that no one even remembers that they exist. Like Little Mermaid 2, Ariel has a daughter and basically does the same thing her father did to her about the surface world except this time it's about never going into the ocean.... real bummer right? Same plot just switched around. I definitely don't want Nightmare to be succumbed to that even if no one remembers it..... it'll still be out there though.

4. No One Wants to Wait for Claymation

It seriously wouldn't be the same if there was a Nightmare 2 and it was computer animated instead of the awesomeness of Claymation. Yes, I know that computer animation has come a long way and we might not be able to tell the difference but come on, purists will be able to tell the difference.

5. Too Much Time To Make

If they did go the rout of the original, that means they'd have to plan out and create all the characters and sets as well as create them, then they'd have to start filming one frame at a time which takes years and no one has the patients for the that at all unless it's something huge like Avengers or Star Wars and even then they'll be able to film a LOT faster and I'm sure by the time it was done no one would be interested except enthusiasts.

6. Tim Burton

Back when he first pitched the idea of Nightmare to Disney they told him no way because it was out of their normal format and even the genre of their films at the time but Burton loved the story he created so much that he made a rhyme book for it and put his favorite character (Jack Skellington) into a movie or 2 in the back ground or now known as Easter Eggs. It's because of this that even if there was thought of a sequel it would have to have the full support and control of Tim Burton because it's his creation and if he didn't have a say in any of it I for one wouldn't even want to see it. Though I doubt he'd let anyone touch it without his approval anyway.

I'm sure there are people out there that have ample more reasons why we might not get a sequel or even reasons why there should be a sequel but I thought these were the best examples of why a lot of us want one but truly and honestly don't need one and hope I didn't make anyone too mad that I pushed it down so much lol.


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