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These days, it seems Penn Badgley is on a roll. Whether it was a starring run on TV's "Gossip Girl," hitting the stage with his band Mothxr or becoming a more familiar face on the silver screen, there doesn't seem to be anything that can slow the Baltimore native down. His latest film "Cymbeline," a modern-day approach to the Shakespearean classic opens in theaters this month with Badgley playing the role of the Posthumus.

During the course of "Cymbeline," Posthumus goes down a dark road of betrayal and despair.

"A part of that does stay with you as you are learning from that character," Badgley said. "He's tragic. We see him go from being this honorable man to making a wager with [Ethan Hawke's character] Iachimo."

In addition to his acting skills, Badgley is an accomplished musician. His band Mothxr (pronounced "Mother") has quietly gained a following in the social music space. An avid collector of both vinyl records and guitars, Badgley is a self-professed lover of music. Though he is a member of the band, Badgley doesn't actively try to link his acting and music careers together.

"There is a connection sure, but we don't want to put [my affiliation with Mothxr] front and center. We want people to judge for themselves. Currently, we have an album's worth of material since December 2013 and we will release it soon. It won't be anything special, it'll just be there. At the end of the day, it's about the music."

For now, the focus is on "Cymbeline." When asked what was the best part about being a part of the project, Badgley says:

"Everyone wants to work with Shakespeare. He's like a prophet."

Cymbeline is available on VOD and hit theaters March 13, 2015. Go see it!


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