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There’s robots, and jetpacks and rockets(oh my) in the all new preview for Brad Bird’s live-action Disney film, Tomorrowland aka Tomorrowland - A World Beyond in the UK.

Based on a theme park ride of the same, the film follows child genius Casey (Britt Robertson) who stumbles across the titular land that’s found somewhere between time and space. Guided by Frank (George Clooney), a former kid genius who has only got grumpier with age, Casey’s wildest dreams come true as she sets off on a mission in Tomorrowland that could change the world.

Looking to be wrapped in scientific splendour that has echoes of both The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, Bird’s upcoming sci-fi family film could be the refreshing and unpredictable jolt this years box-office needs.

It should hopefully send young Robertson’s career into the stratosphere, particularly when she’s starring alongside both George Clooney and Hugh Laurie as the films villain, David Nix, who might not be wielding a moustache, but if he had one he’d most certainly be twirling it.

Have a good gander at the trailer above and pass your comments on to the box below. Doors for Tomorrowland will open wide May 22, 2015.

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