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Sign the petition for the director's cut of Carrie to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Back in Spring 2013, the release date of March 13th for the Carrie remake was pushed back seven months. In those seven months, a lot of stuff was re-shot, cut out, changed, or left on the cutting room floor for good.

The film got positive reviews from fans at the early test screenings. Fans who saw the theatrical cut (with most of the good stuff cut out) praised the version they saw at the test screening for being a brutal, bleak, and creative re-adaption of the Stephen King novel of Carrie while saying the theatrical cut was not even close to the cut they saw at test screenings. The cut at test screenings had a lot of scenes from the book like Carrie bringing chunks of ice onto her house as a child, the town destruction a White Commission placed throughout the film in small doses, and some death scenes in the prom that were directly taken from King's book. Sadly, most of that stuff had to be cut out. Due to the Sandy Hook shooting, the film had to be delayed and some bits of violence had to be cut out. Also, because a lot of scenes were re-shot that meant a lot of footage had to be taken out.

When the film released in October it got mixed reviews from critics but horrible reactions from fans of the original 1976 film claiming it was just a scene-for-scene rehash of the original film (much like Psycho 1998). Most fans do not realize how much stuff was cut out from the film and most of the cut footage was not even released on the Blu-Ray. From speculation, 30-40 minutes of footage was taken out and only 12 minutes of footage appears on the Blu-Ray. The cut footage on the Blu-Ray adds a little character development but the footage that might never be seen sounds even better. Stuff like extended versions of scenes that were too short, a White Commission, flashbacks, more gore, more character development, and better endings would have improved the 2013 version of Carrie greatly. The cut footage includes:

- Hail: Otherwise known as "The Rain of Stones" [This was originally the opening scene] - The White Commission: The film had integrated several courtroom scenes with witnesses giving testimonies of their experiences with Carrie White leading to the prom incident, essentially structuring the film as a series of flashbacks and recollections. It begins with an Interview with an adult Estelle Parsons [who witnessed the Hail as a teenager], Sheriff Otis Doyle, Dr. Dean L. McDuffy, Erika Gogan, Ms. Arlene Walsh, and others who had some kind of experience with Carrie White or theories about the Black Prom. - The found footage that had been filmed by Freddy "Beak" Holt - and there is currently speculation that other found footage from gymnasium security cameras also played a role in the film - Sue's Video-Diary - Scenes detailing more in depth character development - "Wipe that smile off your face" - Chris to Carrie at the pool - The locker room scene [extended] - Chris turning the cell-phone toward herself and the mean girls - Scenes involving social media - Facebook in particular: The e-mail from Chris to Donna Kellogg. "So I’m out of prom and my [censored] father says he won’t give them what they deserve." - Billy's wild ride [The "blowjob scene" - similar to the 1976 version] - Chris and Tina kiss [extended] - Tommy and Sue's backseat love scene [extended] - A scene featuring actress Ally Feliciano: The mean girls teasing and making fun of Carrie. This scene supposedly took place before the bathroom [mirror shattering] scene. - An interaction between Carrie and Chris outside the dress shop - The confrontation between Sue and the mean girls - Drive to the pig farm [extended] - Carrie levitates Margaret [extended] - The meaningful conversation between Miss Desjardin and Carrie at prom - Tommy and Carrie kissing - Billy kisses Chris - Margaret escaping from the closet and cutting herself with a knife - Sue tries to call Tommy from outside the school to warn him but he rejects the call - Chris and Billy rushing from the school [after the blood dump] to find that Sue's parked automobile is blocking them from leaving - The prom scene as a whole which was said to be longer and more violent than the theatrical version - Tina on fire [extended] - A scene or shot revealing Erika and George's fate - According to Test-Audiences, George was impaled by one of the star decorations as Erika watched in horror - The electrocution scene which was supposed to be more graphic and longer. In the novel, it was described as a "crazy puppet dance". According to Test-Audiences, Carrie levitates herself and the "dead students" and "soars" passed them and out a window - Carrie using her telekinetic powers to kill some of the prom survivors who are outside the school - The town destruction - According to Test-Audiences, Carrie uses her telekinesis to set "some other buildings" on fire aside from the school: reference the teaser trailer - Sue seeing Tommy's body being taken out on a stretcher and Miss Desjardin saying how sorry she is for what's happened - Margaret's original death scene which was said to be closer to the novel - The multiple endings

Since 80% of those deleted scenes did not make it onto the DVD what did a fan do? The obvious - an internet petition. The petition was made in December 2013 and since March 2015 it has gotten close to 10,700 signatures. Due to so much demand, fans have been calling the studios asking for a release and they told the fans the most important thing is the petition. Surprisingly, the petition has spread to many horror sites like BloodyDisgusting and HorrorSociety. Fans of the story who did not like the remake have been sharing the petition and realizing that the version released was not what the director promised.

Fans also have been using editing software to make realistic trailers for the petition. My personal favorites are below:

You may think a director's cut release will never happen because the film did poorly and got bad reviews. That is totally false. No one knows if the studio will ever release it but films such as "Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers" and Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" got their extended director's cuts onto Blu-Ray due to a very high demand from fans. Looking at the amount of signatures on the Carrie petition, I'm sure you can tell that the demand is pretty high.

As you can see, this petition has spread to many fans and people who want to see the version that was intended. A DVD or Blu-Ray release for October of 2015 seems the most reasonable but it may not happen unless the petition gets more signatures.

Thank you.


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