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Parks and Recreation is one of the smartest and wittiest shows of the past decade and to our complete dismay the show has come to a graceful and fitting end. For a show that never dipped in consistency or failed to make us laugh it's time you learn some things you might not have known about this great show. Long live Pawnee!

Megan Mullally (Tammy #2) Is Actually Ron's Wife in Real Life

We all know Tammy as Ron's biggest weakness and the person he hates more than anyone! But in real life it's quite the contrary because the woman who plays Tammy, Megan Mullally is actually married to Nick Offerman in real life! Ironic, but I love it!

Chris Pratt Was Only Supposed To Appear in 6 Episodes in Season 1

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

I know what you're thinking. What would the show possibly be without the lovable, Andy Dwyer!? Still a pretty good show.. But a major loss! He is really one of the most lovable characters in recent TV and this is showing on his resume as he is growing to be top property in Hollywood at the moment. Thankfully they kept Andy because without him we would be minus a lot of laughs.

Octavia Spencer auditioned for the role of Donna Meagle

Yes, Academy Award winner and extremely likable actress Octavia Spencer auditioned for the role of Donna Meagle which eventually went to Retta. Although I love Retta, Spencer would have been great Donna also! I can almost here her proclaim "Treat yo' self" to Tom Haverford in Beverly Hills.

Nick Offerman Has A Woodworking Business

We all know Ron Swanson is the woodworking master in Pawnee, but did you know that the actor who plays him, Nick Offerman is quite the craftsman himself. He has released an instructional DVD in canoe building and runs a fine woodworking business on the side which makes him that much more amazing.

Andy Dwyer Was Actually Naked In The Scene Below

Chris Pratt is a comical genius and this hilarious stunt almost got him fired! Usually actors wear underwear that is skin color and is easy to pixelate, but that's not how Chris Pratt rolls. For this scene he whispered to the cameraman that he was going to actually post naked when Amy Poehler (Leslie) opens the door and that's what he done. She was understandably shocked and proved for a hilarious and genuine scene of pure improvisation!

Thomas Lennon Auditioned For The Role of Ron Swanson

You probably know this actor from the likes of I Love You, Man or Night at The Museum, but did you know he auditioned for the great Ron Swanson. No offense Thomas, but thankfully you didn't get the job because Nick Offerman is the only Ron Swanson.

They Filmed 60+ Hours For Each Episode

Yup, that's right. They filmed 60+ hours for every episode that was always to be condensed in to 20 minute episodes. Commitment.

Chris Traeger Says Literally 35 Times Altogether

Rob Lowe's iconic catchphrase on [Parks and Recreation](series:214218) is said 35 times on the show and repeated a million more times by us. It's infectious and something that was dearly missed when he was finished on the show.

Nick Offerman Plays Sax In Real Life

Duke Silver, a.k.a Nick Offerman is a great saxophone player in real life and the producers didn't know this even after Duke Silver was a character. It's safe to say he's a man on many mysteries.

Aubrey Plaza Got Inspiration From Her Sister For Her Character

It may well be a huge insult to her sister, but if she is anyway like April Ludgate then it's a compliment.

Long live Parks and Recreation!


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