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Hello, my name is Akari. Akari Kekse. As you may know by now, I love to talk about horror movies, my favorite genre. I have talked about Japanese movies, found footage movies and comedy-horror movies. Today, I will present to you a list of horror gems that only have one thing in common: They are pretty good.

As always, if you have suggestions about some great movies that are not wide known, please comment below. I will do my best to watch them.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Starry Eyes

What would you do in order to be famous and rich? What kind of sacrifices are you willing to make? Would you perform despicable and nasty acts? Would you hurt those that you love? Would you sell your soul to the devil?

A young actress looking for her big break, after assisting to a series of weird castings for an upcoming movie, meets a sinister producer that can make her famous. He can give to her everything that she dreamed. She only will have to renounce to her old life, to her values and beliefs.

Starry Eyes is a daunting and harrowing film that explores themes of satanism and devil adoration in entertainment industry. Check it out if you like movies like The House of the Devil or Rosemary's Baby.


Reeker reminded me a lot of Silent Hill. And that's a great thing in my book.

A group of friends, in their way to a big party, arrive to a cafeteria in the middle of a desert road. They found no one in there. The telephones doesn't work, and they found strange marks, writings and drawings. When they start to have visions of dead and mutilated people, they realize that something is wrong with that creepy location.

Things get worse when they find that a dreadful and sinister assassin is murdering everybody. They can't escape, they seem to be trapped in another dimension.The only choice left is to fight for their lives against something more perverse than Death itself.

End Of The Line

Are you afraid of taking the subway at night? The emptiness and darkness of the deserted and sinister halls scare you? Do the few strangers in there, at that late hours, make you nervous? Well, then End of the Line is not for you.

A group of people has to face the escalating horror of an infernal night inside a subway. They don't have a clue of what is happening around of them, but soon they start to realize that whatever is happening, is more dreadful than they could possibly imagine.

This is one of the most creepy movies that I have ever seen. The first scene, must be one of the best ever in any horror movie. Completely recommendable.


Michael Danube (Peter Cilella) loves his best friend. He is devastated to watch him suffering under the nefarious spell of drug addiction. To help him, Michael kidnaps him and takes him to a desolated cabin in order to induce withdrawal. Soon, they realize that something is wrong with that place. Someone, or something, is watching them. Michael will find clues and recordings of the things that happened to other people in that same place. They all died in horrible ways.

Resolution is a smart movie that will keep you guessing thanks to the great amount of hints and clues that it gives. Most movies love to present ambiguous endings that are impossible to decoy, but I think that this one does a great job summarizing everything in the last, terrific, scene.

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas, I have to confess, is not precisely a horror movie, even if it has ghosts, demons and serial killers. But I HAVE to recommend this movie and this is the perfect opportunity to do it (yes I know, I am a cheater).

Thomas has always been someone special. He has an unique talent: he can communicate with dead people. They usually ask for his help in order for them to get to the other side.

Thomas' life is going as usual when he realizes that a great danger is coming to town. He will do everything in his power to try to prevent the massacre of hundreds of innocent people.

I can talk a lot of great things about this movie, but I don't want to spoil it. But I can say with certainty that very few movies can move you as this one will.

13 Sins

Elliot is a noble man. Elliot is also a desperate man. He is about to marry to the love of his life, but he had just lost his job for having doing the right thing. It seems that life doesn't treat good people well.

One night, he receives a phone call. If he kills a fly, he will receive a small amount of money. He does it, and the money is granted. Then, he is instructed to eat the fly; the amount of money will be bigger this time. Elliot does it. After all, he needs the cash.

Soon enough, Elliot is involved in a demented game. He will have to fulfill 13 tasks, each one more sick and morally wrong than the last one. The prize? He can become millionaire. The catch? He can lose his soul in the process.

Ron Perlman and Saw fans check this one!


Frozen tells the story of Elsa and Anna, a couple of young valorous princesses. In order to save Anna, who was born under a terrible curse, they will have to find the real meaning of true lov . . . oh, wait. Wrong Frozen.

This Frozen is a horror movie.

Dan, Parker and Joey only want to spend a lovely day skiing. After bribing one worker, they have complete access to the mountain. Unfortunately for them, they get stuck in the skii left, several meters away from solid ground, with no one close to give them a hand. Hours pass and soon they start to realize that nobody would come to save them from the cold and the hunger.

Parker will give strength to their friends telling them to let it go, let it go . . . Sorry different movie again.

The film was shot almost entirely in one location. It reminded me a lot of Buried or Open Water, so if you liked those, give it a try.

I hope that you enjoyed this list. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and on Twitter. I upload movie recommendations regularly.

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