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Melanie Mertens Polak

On my tumblr, someone asked me if I had any advice on auditions. I'm really into performing and musical theatre, so I decided to share some quick notes on auditions!


If you're going to be acting at your audition & you have to pick a monologue, think about the audience the thing you’re auditioning for is aiming for & the kind of production they’re making. I once made the mistake of choosing a really dramatic (but also really good) monologue, but I didn’t keep in mind that I was trying out for company that produced kids TV shows!

When you’re going in for an audition for a kids production, go for something lightweight & happy, but still extraordinary.


Don’t go for that wildly famous song from that one musical everyone knows about. For example: don’t even think about singing Defying Gravity. The judges have probably heard that song 10 times already that day. Pick a song YOU really like, one that you feel comfortable with and one that you feel really good about. For example, with me, that’s “For the first time in forever” from the Disney movie “Frozen”. When I'm singing that song, I feel great & I’m sure I can hit all the notes. Find a song like that, and you’ll do great!

But, here's the golden rule:

No matter what you do at that audition, make sure the judges remember you. Do a crazy little dance when you enter the room, make them laugh while introducing yourself, anything will to! You're already special & unique, you just have to find a way to make the judges see that! Make a lot of eye contact, be as enthusiastic and smiley as can be. Be your best self, and your audition will go swimmingly.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Do you have any more helpful things we have to keep in mind? Let me know!


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