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Making a videogame requires a lot of hard work. You've got to get an idea, gather a team, fund the project, and do a ton of other things that I, not being a game developer, cannot even begin to fathom the difficulty of. So it's really sad when a game that someone is working so hard on gets canned. It's even sadder when people find out about the game way before its release and get excited for it, only for their dreams to be crushed when the game gets cancelled. Here's 5 dead games I seriously wish I could be playing right now.

5. Star Wars 1313 (LucasArts) PS4, Xbox One, PC

You can't have a list of cancelled games without mentioning Star Wars 1313. Alright, you could, but this game was so anticipated, it'd be hard to neglect mentioning it. This next-gen (or current-gen but I still call it next) videogame set in the Star Wars universe was set to put us in the role of a young adult Boba Fett. The player would control Fett as he navigated his way through the underground area of Coruscant known as Level 1313. The game was a third-person shooter that would've given us a look at the early adventures of Boba Fett and his eventual rise as one of the Star Wars universe's deadliest bounty hunters!

So Why Was It Canned?

Development of the game was going well. Through leaked photos, it seemed like the general design of the game was just about complete. We were that much closer to playing as one of the greatest SW characters ever! But then...poof. The game disappeared. Coincidentally, general talk about the game all but stopped right around the time that Disney bought LucasFilms.

Just a few months later, it was confirmed that the game had been cancelled, due to Disney closing down LucasArts. People just assumed that Disney, with it's billions of dollars would simply pick up where the game development left off. But Disney announced that they were focusing on games related to the upcoming trilogy of Star Wars films above anything. Technically, the official status of the game says that it's "on hold", but games on hold hardly ever see the light of day.

However, it is possible that we'll see the game turn up in the future in some way or form. With Boba Fett rumored to be getting his own spin-off film, 1313 might reappear in the form of a game based on that. Let's hope they keep the design though, and the gameplay mechanics.

Source: GT Reviews

4. The Avengers (THQ) Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Videogames based on movies don't usually do that well. It's usually because they're rushed to come out in time for the movie's release, and so they look sloppy and simply aren't fun to play. But every once in a while, a golden child rises out of the pile of slop, and graces our consoles with intellectual property that makes the movie (And us) proud! THQ's Avenger's game would have been that golden child.

Hulk COMBO!!
Hulk COMBO!!

Marvel's first superhero team-up movie was so good, that a game was a given! So THQ started working on a first-person shooter/brawler for the current-gen (or...last-gen..whatever) run of consoles and the PC. The game was certainly unique. You would play as members of the Avengers, like Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man, and you'd go around beating of hordes of Chitauri enemies. It would be an online co-op game too! Each character would play a little differently. You'd have Hulk, who's a heavy type, smashing and punching everything in his path. Or Iron Man, who's more of a shooter type, he can fistfight too, but you'd most likely be utilizing his suits many defenses (missile, lasers, etc.).

So Why Was It Canned?

THQ closed its doors for good back in 2013. With the studio shut down, any games being worked on prior to the close were cancelled. And so, that marked the end of the Avengers game. Well...sort of.

Marvel didn't want to give up on the idea of an Avengers videogame, so they set out to find another game studio that could make it. Enter Ubisoft! The game developer behind fan-favorites like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and Rayman Legends was now tasked with making a great Avengers game! And...they didn't...really.

The picture above is of a game by Ubisoft, called Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth. It's not a particularly bad game, it's just that it feels more like an interactive app than a fighting game. It's available for the Kinect and the Wii U, and is basically a fighting game where you could be a variety of Marvel heroes, not just the Avengers seen in the film. But, in my opinion, it just isn't fun. Instead of having actual fighting controls and combinations, all you did was tap a button (or wave your hand in a pattern if you're playing on Kinect) and then the hero you're playing as would perform a move. It felt like something you should be playing on your phone or tablet.

Let's hope one day, especially with the rise of virtual reality, we get to see that cancelled Avengers game come back to life.

Source: TheVenXIII

3. Gotham by Gaslight (Day 1 Studios) Unknown

Gotham's dark history and archaic design is very reminiscent of the Victorian-era. So it only made since for DC to publish a one-shot story featuring a Victorian-era Gotham City! This story, titled 'Gotham by Gaslight', featured everyone's favorite caped crusader in Victorian England, facing off against Jack the Ripper!

Day 1 Studios, developers of games F.E.A.R and Fracture planned to make a videogame based on the awesome one-shot. It would have been an open-world game, following the same plot as the one-shot, with some added story elements here and there.

So Why Was It Canned?

Day 1 was all set and ready to make the game that had the potential to be a pre-Arkham amazing Batman game. But they couldn't get the rights to the property, and so the game was cancelled. Day 1 did release a bunch of cool images for the game though, and some footage to show us fans what we could have gotten! Which you can watch below.

Source: RebenDigita1

Recently, DC has shown that they haven't forgotten about the beloved Gaslight Batman. GB is a playable character in both Infinite Crisis and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and as a skin in Batman: Arkham Origins! Perhaps one day, with the Arkham series coming to an end, DC will finally give us a Gotham by Gaslight game!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned (Propaganda Games) PS3, Xbox 360, PC

I'm a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Well, the first three at least, the fourth I like to purposely forget ever existed. But the world of POTC is so great! The characters, the environment, and the swashbuckling are all prime ingredients for an epic videogame. But, like most movie tie-in games, every Pirates videogame failed to do itself, or the source material justice. The best game we ever got was, surprise surprise, a LEGO game. But when's the last time you didn't enjoy a LEGO game, at least a little? They've got a winning formula.

But despite a fun LEGO game, there still wasn't a true Pirates of the Caribbean game out there! Why was that? Because the one good POTC game we all deserved, never reached the shelves.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was an action-adventure rpg set in the wonderful world of Pirates! It was an open-world game, set before the events of the first film, Curse of the Black Pearl. In it, you played as James Sterling, a pirate captain on a mission to make a name for himself across the Caribbean Sea. The game would have had role-playing elements, like real-time combat and weapon customization. Journalists compared the game to Ubisoft's popular videogame, Assassin's Creed.

Why Was It Canned?

While working on Armada of the Damned, the developers of the game, Propaganda Games, were also working on another game, called Tron: Evolution. In October of 2010, Disney announced that Armada's development team would be laid off as part of a restructuring program (typical). Propaganda however, would be able to stay on long enough to finish the Tron game and the future downloadable content for it.

Tron: Evolution released, and despite not being too bad, it was pretty repetitive and ultimately did not do as well as Disney had hoped. And so, any DLC plans were cancelled, and Propaganda Games was closed by Disney Interactive Studios.

Let me sum this up. Disney laid off tons of Propaganda workers while they were in the middle of developing a game, and had the remaining workers focus on an action-adventure third person generic enemy beat 'em up movie tie-in game that was pretty much destined to not do well. And then, when the game doesn't do well, they shut down the company that made the game, the one they sanctioned, and then cancelled the game that was being compared to the critically acclaimed Assassin's Creed series?! This early development game was already being compared to a complete game! Oh Disney, why must you pain me so?

1. Battle of the Sith Lords (Red Fly Studio) PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

Ahem. What? WHAT? WHAAAAAT?!

LucasArts was ACTUALLY planning to make a game starring Darth Maul! Why isn't this a thing now?! Why can I not be playing this right now?! Why LucasArts?! Tell me!!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Anyway, Battle of the Sith Lords was a planned Darth Maul game with nearly the same mechanics as the Force Unleashed games. Now, I actually enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel. Sure, I agree that the characters were boring and the plot was ALLLL over the place! But the gameplay had a pretty solid flow; there's nothing like picking up an enemy and just tossing him like a crumbled piece of paper into a trashcan!

I HAVE. DA POWA!!! *theme music plays*
I HAVE. DA POWA!!! *theme music plays*

But I would gladly trade those two games for the Darth Maul videogame! I mean, just look at the first gif! That's him, force lifting a clonetrooper and electrifying him at the same time! You can't get anymore B.A. than that! The game was even going to have co-op, with a second player joining in as the sinister Darth Talon!

Why Was It Canned?


Developer Red Fly had begun working on the game with LucasArts. The game went from being set before Phantom Menace, to during, then after and then finally over 200 years after! Darth Maul was changed to a descendant or clone of Maul working with Dart Talon against Darth Krayt and his Sith Army for going against the Sith Rule of Two. The game's story was pretty much put together. So what was the problem? Well, no one really knows for sure. LucasArts just stopped communicating with Red Fly, before telling them straight out that the game was cancelled. It's likely that the game was cancelled due to LucasFilm's meetings with Disney about Disney possibly purchasing the company, as Battle of the Sith Lords was cancelled in June 2011, and the Disney/Lucasfilm discussions started a month earlier, in May.

Still, it's sad that we may never get this potential masterpiece of a game. At least we've got Star Wars: Battlefront to look forward to!

Alright! Those were the 5 dead games I really hope get to see the light of day! There are so many bad games out there, can't we just throw them out and fill their spots with these amazing ones?

Like a certain game on this list more than the others? Well then vote for your favorite down below! And if there's a cancelled game you like that didn't make the list, go ahead and tell me in the comments! I may even consider doing a part 2 to this list featuring the ones you guys tell me about. And don't worry, you'll get full mention for your choice if it makes the list :D


Which "dead" game do you want the most?

Thanks For Reading!


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