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Who wants to be able to own there very own Hulkbuster??

According to ToyArk, Beast Kingdom just announced a life-sized Hulkbuster statue based on the iteration we’ll be seeing in the upcoming movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Hulkbuster is just one of a handful of movie-themed pieces being manufactured by the Taiwanese company, but it’s definitely the biggest.

At 9′ 10″ tall, the Hulkbuster can dunk without much effort, but that’s nothing compared to the terrible fate it will befall upon your wallet. Beast Kingdom’s Iron Man MK XLIV armor comes at a hefty price of $21,500. Just keep that in mind when looking for that new car. You can either have the ability to drive wherever you want on your own, or you can put the Hulkbuster in your living room. Some choices are so easy, they make themselves.

It should be noted the Hulkbuster will have eyes and other energy ports that light up accordingly, but he won’t be very agile — it is a statue after all. That said, the sculpt looks cool, and the sheer size of the thing makes it impressive without having to do much besides look neat. Plus, you’ll have a nifty companion piece to the upcoming Hulk statue Beast Kingdom is also producing.

There are fewer details available about this gigantic Green Goliath, but it’s in scale with the Hulkbuster. It will likely cost a tad less, considering it’s a bit smaller, but you’re still looking at a fairly substantial five-figure investment. If you double down — and unless your an oil baron in Dubai, we doubt you will — you’re looking a nearly $50,000 in Avengers statues guarding your house. You’ll be the envy of every person who visits your home and wonders where all the seats you can’t afford anymore went.

Beast Kingdom has some other items, like Loki‘s staff and Captain America‘s shield, on the way, but we likely won’t learn more about them until April, when the company will take part in a superhero expo in Taiwan. Still, these recreations are rather nice, and if you've got the investment capabilities, they should make some really great conversation pieces for your geek den.


Would you get one?!


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