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Children of Chaos's Callisphyros

I'm a cosplayer for three years now. I've had my share of ''meeting someone in a convention that does cosplay and suddenly you're dating that person'' kinda story. And I'm not here to bash my previous relationship, because each of them were great.

The thing is, as a normal person, dating is fun, you got some pictures, selfies and such in your phone and then, when it's over, some keeps the pictures, some erase them. When two cosplayers decide to do a couple cosplay, we're stuck as people remind us of how great we were together, how much of a sweet couple we are. Even years after we're done with this relationship, it kind of haunts you, teasing you and making you doubt if this end was good. We did look happy back then...

Petra Ral and Levi Ackerman (Shingeki No Kyojin)
Petra Ral and Levi Ackerman (Shingeki No Kyojin)

It's not only the photo shoots, because you could remind yourself that they were mere characters, that it was a role that you played. But deep inside, you know. The worst is that when you love a cosplayer, you're jealous of the other person she or he do fan-service with. It's hard to love a cosplayer. And it's hard to be a cosplayer in love...

Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bott (Shingeki No Kyojin)
Jean Kirschtein and Marco Bott (Shingeki No Kyojin)

Jean Kirschtein and Petra Ral cosplayed by Tailin Cosplay

Kirito cosplayed by Kiru Niro Cosplay

Silica, Levi Ackerman and Marco Bott cosplayed by Callisphyros from Children of Chaos


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