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Randy 'Jour Knottkoule' Vann

Hello Movie Pilot faithful! Welcome to my latest bolt... What If...

I would like to pose an interesting concept, that of a live action "What If series". These could be stand alone movies, a Netflix miniseries, or maybe a few one off 3 episode deals for TV. Marvel could base these off of the existing movies using storylines from the long running comic or make them completely new. Either way, I think it would be awesome.

Below are a few stories I think could work, let me know what you think in the comments.

Iron Man 2008: What if Tony decided to improve the weapons of Stark Industries instead of stopping to make them?

The Incredible Hulk 2008: What if General Ross had become Red Hulk

Iron man 3 2013: What if Pepper had become Rescue

Thor 2011: What if Jane Foster had found Thor's hammer

Captain America the First Avenger 2011: What if Captain America had led an army of supersolders in WW2

What if Howard Stark had found Captain America


Would you watch something like this?


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