ByJustins Jukebox, writer at

So in case you didn't know, Frozen (Disney) slipped through a gay moment into the movie. Which isn't a bad thing I might add. But lets not put personal beliefs into this. Anyway, It turns out that giant man in "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna" is probably gay. When he throws in the sauna package for Kristoff, he turns to say "Hello, family!" and BAM! there they are.

The adult in the sauna is clearly implied to be his husband. Best yet, Oaken and his partner have a family — and it's not even a thing. In the few minutes that he's on screen, Disney manages to make a compelling character of Oaken. He is friendly to his customers and generous with his assistance. He's a savvy businessman who understands economics (supply and demand, Kristoff), and he isn't afraid to stand up for himself when Kristoff calls him a crook.

Now, this is a big step for Disney. It shows that they are not afraid to make bold moves. Whether or not I agree with the idea of this, I still believe it was a bold movie by Disney. Well played Disney...


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