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I'm sure I'm not the only one to take every fact, rumor, desire, and fan-cast that surrounds superhero films with a grain of salt and a dash of hope, so believe me when I say that there are dozens of stories, dozens of actors, and hundreds of outcomes that I would kill to see on the big screen. I was reading through a couple of my graphic novels over the weekend, and found a bunch that fit that criteria. Usually, because Bats is my favorite, I'll sit and geek out over the Dark Knight, but for your own interest, I'll branch out a little.

That doesn't mean the Batman can't take my #1 spot, though!

1. Batman: Hush

This currently holds the record for my favorite graphic novel of all time. There's diversity, there's twists and turns, and there's quite a few villains, including Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Joker. Batman finds himself in the middle of one of his most challenging investigations, for both physical and personal reasons. Night by night, he has to fight some of his most fearsome opponents, who've all seemed to wage a simultaneous, all-out assault on the Dark Knight.

In the midst of this war on Batman, Bruce Wayne reacquaints himself with an old friend, gone for many years, who was very close with Wayne as a child. As he tries to balance his personal and "private" lives to discover the hand behind all of the rogues banding together, his investigation takes him through the darkest streets of Gotham and the skies of Metropolis with the red and blue boy scout, including a fight that spawned one of my favorite pictures ever...

I would absolutely love to see Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in this storyline, but my personal pick for Batman has always been Jeffrey Dean Morgan...that's a story for another time.

2. Green Lantern: Blackest Night

This combines two pretty awesome symbols of film and makes it one story: superheroes and zombies. To make this one as simple as possible, the DC personification of death: Nekron, unleashes the black power of death upon the world, bringing dead superheroes back to life and as servants to his bidding. Just like a zombie virus, the more that become exposed to Nekron's black power rings, the more that death spreads through the DC universe.

Just like Batman: Hush doesn't focus on any sole villain, this story doesn't focus on one sole hero. The main heroes include Hal Jordan, Flash (Barry Allen), Mera, Wonder Woman, and Jon Stewart.

As death surrounds the heroes, taking over friend after friend, the remaining survivors band together and formulate a plan to merge every color of the emotional spectrum (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Indigo, and Violet) to create the White Lantern Corps, powered by light and life.

Obviously, the main issue with this story is that only three or four heroes in it have been introduced in the DC Cinematic Universe so far. There's such a vast array of people in this that it would be nearly impossible for DC to release enough films to significantly represent each of them. My choice for Hal Jordan is and always will be Ryan Reynolds.

3. The Death of Superman

Although there are rumors of Doomsday making an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I pray that they're only rumors, because this story deserves it's own movie. I'm really hoping in the form a possible Man of Steel sequel. Also, I really want to see Superman die so that I can rub it in my buddy's face. Obviously, we're always in geek wars between my support for Batman and his for Supes.

In this story, a powerful entity known only by the nickname "Doomsday," so given by Booster Gold after it punched him so hard that he flew into the Earth's outer atmosphere, is wreaking havoc everywhere it goes. Contrary to popular belief created by the DC animated movie Superman: Doomsday, Superman is far from the only hero who fights Doomsday, or the only hero in this storyline. For the sake of a live-action film, we'll just assume that he'll be the only one (besides maybe Batman at this point) in the story.

After a horrendous battle between Doomsday, Superman, and various members of the Justice League International, Superman seemingly sacrifices himself to kill the entity. Although... they already pursued the whole "destroy city and kill millions" route with the end of Man of Steel, I still would love to see Henry Cavill battle Doomsday and die in the end...possibly not getting revived until another Justice League movie?

What do you guys think? Would you love to see one of these stories as a film? Are there any specific Marvel or DC storylines that you would just die to hear are going to be the next in the line-up? Share those stories in the comments!


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