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Each day until Age of Ultron's May 1st release date is staring to feel longer and longer, especially with the increasing hype. Many hardcore Marvel fans have decided not to just sit around and wait, but to analyze the film's three trailers and come up with guesses on what we are going to see when the movie finally hits theaters.

Pym's Legacy

Even though Ant-Man doesn't come out until after Age of Ultron, that hasn't stopped people from theorizing that Hank Pym, better known as the original Ant-Man, first founded the Ultron program. IMDB says that Tony Stark tries to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program, suggesting that he in fact did not develop the program. Since Hank Pym first created Ultron in the comics, fans have been theorizing that Pym developed the Ultron program.

Even if Pym did start up the program, how does Stark jump-start the program? My guess is that shiny little scepter he's holding in the picture above. Whether the scepter has the mind gem or not, it obviously has some sort of power. Why else would they be featuring the scepter in all of the trailers? It obviously has some importance in Age of Ultron, and it may be Ultron's origin itself.


For those who don't know, deicide means the killing of a god, and who is the only god in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). No, Loki's not in this one. There you go, it's Thor. Yes the god of thunder has yet another sequel coming out in a couple of years, called Thor: Ragnarok, but that doesn't make him safe. While Ragnarok is the Norse apocalypse, it is also the name of a robotic clone that Tony Stark builds after Thor dies. The coincidental part of this is that Tony built the clone during the Civil War, which comes out before [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858).

Allow me to simplify this theory. I don't believe that Thor will actually die. Something really bad will probably happen to him, causing the rest of the Avengers to believe that he is dead. Tony could still build the clone to fight alongside the Pro-Registration forced in the Civil War, and Thor could still be alive enough to deal with whatever terrors he has to face in Ragnarok.

The Widow's Demise

Death is the number one mystery in Age of Ultron, especially because the film is being directed by a Mr. Joss Whedon. I wrote an article several months ago narrowing down which Avenger will probably die in the upcoming sequel. I settled on Col. James Rhodes, AKA War Machine. Although he is still a viable option, many fans have been theorizing the death of both Hawkeye and Black Widow. However, Hawkeye was recently announced to join the cast for Civil War, so he's safe. Natasha is not.

I don't 100% agree with this theory, but then again I don't have to for it to happen. I personally think that Romanoff still has a bit of back-story that we have yet to explore. Not to mention she's the only strong female lead to progress through multiple Marvel films. Sure Scarlet Witch is in Age of Ultron, and I'm positive that she is going to be nothing short of incredible, but Black Widow is a vital part of the Avengers, and I sincerely hope she will be able to stick around for Civil War right alongside Hawkeye.

Bye-Bye Banner

Out of all of the major Marvel comic events, World War Hulk has to be one most sought after event that fans want converted into film. While that particular event may not be very likely, the Hulk may soon have an experience that out of this world.

Bad puns aside, Banner is going through some stuff in the Age of Ultron trailers, and it could be due to confusing reality-shaping shenanigans via Scarlet Witch. Whatever is sending Banner off on a crazy train is pretty serious, after all, you don't want a psycho Hulk anywhere near the other Avengers (unless they're wearing a Hulkbuster suit) so he may very well lose control enough for Stark or Thor or someone to launch Banner into space.

Going off of the previous theory, if Black Widow dies, that would further this theory even more. It doesn't take a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist to realize that there is a romantic spark between Banner and Romanoff, especially in the newest trailer. If Romanoff gets taken down by a drone or Ultron himself, that could Banner go berserk and get angry... really angry. So angry that perhaps he can't revert himself back to Banner, and the only way to control him would be to dispose of him. You can't kill the Hulk (and even if you could, why would you? Marvel finally found a good Hulk, don't take him away), so the only way to make everybody safe is to make Hulk go far, far away.

Vision the Savior

So far, Marvel's biggest kept secret regarding The Avengers: Age of Ultron is the colorful android Vision. He was completely absent during the first two trailers and we only saw a glimpse of him in the third trailer, but many have speculated how important that third trailer was.

At the very end of the trailer, Vision raises his head and opens his eyes, but the thing to catch the eyes of many fans was the shining yellow gem in the middle of his forehead. Yes, in the comics that gem is called a solar gem, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been known to change up a few details.For instance, when the Tesseract first came to light, comic fans were going "oh cool, it's the Cosmic Cube", but it was confirmed after its appearance in The Avengers to be one of the Infinity Stones, the Space Stone to be precise. Taking this into account, the yellow gem is now believed to be another Infinity Stone: the Soul Stone.

That's not where the Vision stories stop. In the comics Vision is created by Ultron to help fight the Avengers, but he becomes sentient and decides to help the Avengers bring down Ultron instead. It looks like this might play out the same way in the film, though a little more drastically. One of the most popular recent theories is that Vision sacrifices himself to stop Ultron, dying in the process. Luckily for the android, Tony Stark is somewhat of a mechanic, so he could always rebuild Vision, using the Soul Stone to help him regain his "humanity".


Which fan theory is your favorite?


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