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The online community has recently been bombarded by a group of strange men and women who refer to themselves as the 13 Bad Guys. The mysterious posse is primarily active on Twitter and Tumblr, posting constantly and remaining cryptic as to who (or what) they represent. But make no mistake, as the mystery deepens so does the desire to know exactly what they're up to.

Is it a film? Is it a TV series just trying to make a PR splash? Is it a celebrity stunt of some sort? Who is behind it? It makes one scratch their head in curiosity. The inner circle of 13 Bad Guys goes down quite a deep rabbit hole. They have a host site: but alongside that is a plethora of online presence. Each member of the group has their own blogs, websites, Twitter profiles...etc. They are living and breathing online and interacting with the community. In fact, they apparently have so many aliases that you yourself may have interacted with one of them without even knowing it. Browse Reddit much? Chances are you've come across them.

And what is their connection to Dubstep superstar Skrillex? The video below is a promotional clip from Skrillex's Birthday Bash which was hosted by Corey Feldman. You'll notice a 13 Bad Guys watermark plastered all over it. Is Skrillex a key player?

To make things more juicy and mysterious; just recently Kevin Spacey, yes the Kevin Spacey, blocked the 13 Bad Guys from his Twitter account for an image tweeted directly to him. The image is below:

What was the message behind this? Why target the Screen Actors Guild or Spacey? What's more is the fact that they gained close to 300 new followers immediately after the image created the controversy. People are interested in what 13 Bad Guys will post next. It's sort of like a creepy guy on the corner you can't stop staring at. What's he up to over there and why can't I stop looking?

Their entire way of life online is that of mischief. They are trouble-makers. Rumors are even starting to circulate regarding a "recruitment" program. Apparently, if you're Internet-savvy enough, you can find your way into their back-logs and sign up to be a Bad Guy yourself. I've traveled down their rabbit-hole and taken a peak at certain things. It's quite a mind-blower. But alas, I was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement that expires once their secret is out.

Just a few examples of their blogs:

Slinging Sacks With Smith And Wesson is a blog created by two of the 13. The entire Tumblr is dedicated to smoking and selling weed. The stoner community (of course) has latched on to these two like crystals on fine bud.

York's Inarestin' Tidbits is a blog created by York, a seemingly trashy and mischievous advocate of "all things Redneck." In fact, a few guys from Duck Dynasty and Redneck Island favorite his tweets on a weekly basis.

None Shall Live is a visual celebration of death created by the most dangerous of the 13, Versetti. According to his police profile he's a killer for hire with a complete lack of compassion for human life.

To top it off is the their most controversial blog: Lucy Likes Pu**y which is an in-your-face celebration of lesbian sex and fetishes. The blog was created by the token Lucy, the female trouble-maker. As you can probably imagine she has absolutely no filter.

So what is the overall message that 13 bad Guys is attempting to get across to the public? They obviously have some sort of master plan in the works and it seems as though they're intentionally making people beg for some sort of straight answer. However, they remain committed to their "first-rule-of-Fight-Club" demeanor. Perhaps you yourself will figure them out and spread the word about your findings. Until then, happy hunting.

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