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Valiant announced some time ago that they were officially throwing their hat into the ring of comic book movies. They have partnered with another companies such as Sony in order to bring some of their most beloved characters to the big screen. Valiant is a slightly lesser known comic book company that has some of the best and most innovative contributions from top-notch artists and writers including Stan lee and slew of others. Valiant is taking a very substantial risk since they will not only have to compete with Marvel and DC but also go head to head with other well established franchises that boast staggering box office numbers.The task is intimidating but Valiant could rise to the occasion for a number reasons that will be explained below.

1. the characters

Valiant boasts a roster of the most bizarre and intriguing characters you will ever see. The have characters such as Bloodshot( pictured above), XO-manowar, Archer and Armstrong,Rai,and Harbingers. Almost all of valiant's characters have some kind of moral ambiguity or they are just straight-up violent and have no reservations about who they have to kill to achieve their goals.The films will give fans and movie-goers the opportunity to see how these characters interact while outlining their motivations.

2. Storytelling possibilities

Valiant comics have an uncanny way of telling stories while connecting major characters through complex story-lines and interesting story-arcs. The way Valiant tries to connect its heroes to its villains like they have demonstrated with bloodshot and multiple other characters could make for some intense onscreen conflicts and confrontations. The team-up stories are also a huge plus since the meshing of the characters personalities and conflicts add more to the overall plot which you will see in the Bloodshot/Harbinger crossover movie.

3. Marvel/DC fatigue

While Marvel and DC still have big plans for their own cinematic universes there might come a time when the film landscape changes which could be the opening for Valiant to swoop in and catch the attention of comic book fans looking for another outlet to satisfy their hunger for comic book movies without loosing the surprise and excitement. Valiant's time to shine could come sooner but most likely later given the current situation. It's not enough for them to be a brand that isn't connected to Marvel or DC, they have to stand out, they have to reinvent and reinvigorate the genre or else they risk becoming a tired trend as well. however Valiant decides to go about establishing itself as the new form of comic book entertainment it's going to be fun to watch.


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