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A Dreamer !
Anthony Jr Decimus

Wow ! this is awesome I'm at over 1k views just on my Dragon Ball Z article. I know, it may not seem like a lot to some but it means a lot to me ! It’s an honor to know how many people have actually taken the time to read what I had to say. It’s epic; I plan on doing a lot more on movie plot, but before I do so I want to make sure I introduce myself in the only way I know how, telling a story. I'm a fool for a good book, especially when I'm the one writing it. But, I feel as if this would be a great way- scratch that the best way, to improve on my writing and display my talent to the world. Well, at least talent my heart and mind has provided several imagery as evidence it’s truly there. It, all started as an egg in the pit of my mother's stomach. I usually kept a firm grasp upon my moms umbilical cord and I would sometimes dream. I would try to create a reality for myself outside of my mother. I’d make inferences guess and guess up until I created a world of my own.

Ok, I know what you guys are thinking, this guy is full of it. Maybe you’re right, an exaggeration ? Perhaps but completely full of it ? No way ! If you haven’t realized it yet, as a kid I was a dreamer. A huge one in fact, my parents had trouble disciplining me cause I would always find fun out of anything given to me, create my own reality in which I accepted as my reality. I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Oh , yes I know right ? Full of sunshine and rainbows, such a welcoming environment especially for a guy like me. But, honestly all jokes aside I did grow up around really supportive people. I started writing at a fairly young age, I was in I believe Kindergartens. Obviously it was nothing serious at that age group, but I would usually read a small children story, then write my version to it. I remember the very first story I've written it was based on a Shrek story. I loved Shrek as a child, and NO not the “ Shrek is love Shrek is Life “ type love. Oh dear god no, I was just a very big fan of the movie. They, always seemed to cheer me up and had the same type of craziness that I’d usually dream or think about, so I went ahead and made my own version to the story. My teachers loved it and that ladies and gentlemen is where my life as a write started, I continued to read stories and write my versions of them. It got to the point where my stories were chosen as our class bedtime stories. In some classes teaches called me to read it as a bedtime story to other classes. Word got around and I was known as an author to everyone around school.

Very necessary ^
Very necessary ^

As I grew older, my stories progressed from remakes to original ideas of mine. I usually had notebooks full of stories. But, not without motivation, in came more movies. It became a routine, where my father would pick me up from school, take me to rent a blockbuster film, the latest X-men or Batman film with a box of pizza. Movies usually, gave me the good amount of motivation I needed, stories too but movies had a bigger effect. I didn't quite understand at first it I was fairly young. The only thing I really knew as a child was pen and paper, and how everything I written down represented me in a way no one else could. As,I grew older I lost my motivation as well as my support. I mean It wasn't writers block ! I always had something CRAZY and deliberately OBNOXIOUS. The only trouble was , It just got harder and harder to put it down on paper. I lost a lot of motivation as well as my support. I was brought to the point where I found it completely difficult to write. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, I wanted something more. Oh boy, imagine that family reunion where I was constantly asked : “ Hey Anthony do you still write ? “ and sadly, as hard as it was I told them the truth. Then came the second common phrase I heard that day. “ Oh I always thought you would be the author of this family.” That got to me cause I thought I would be too, until I realize it was something that I needed. Something more, something that will keep me strong on my writing.

Then came the fun part, my school was required to do a project. Where we wrote a comedy skit about saving animals, I wrote the script for my team. We didn't really get much practice, since we were young this was this fourth grade so my mom still believed in monsters that feasted on kids in the fourth grade. But, shockingly to my surprise we did phenomenal when it came performance time. They loved our performance so much, we had to perform it for other classes. Sounds familiar right ? I know. We got a lot of fame from that, at that moment I thought we were stars It was pretty tough to get the ladies off Yeahh, no that didn't happen. We were in fourth grade so we still had that little cootie thing, but it did get us out of class a lot ! we had to build our props for our performance and all. One of our teachers were tasked with filming us, It was pretty fun and exciting but sadly we were never recorded. Yet, it was still pretty exciting to do. Though, I wasn't able to keep a film to preserve those precious memories. I came out with some kind of knowledge as to what I wanted to be, I wanted to write for movies. It wasn't that I lacked motivation or support, I just wanted more for my characters I wanted to bring them to life ! do something powerful with them. That's pretty much, where my dream of being a scriptwriter and movie director came from. I know its a pretty difficult path, but I think that I'm really willing to put in my blood ,sweat and tears to perform that task.

That's pretty much all that molded me into the man I am today. So, now that, that's out the way I suppose I can start by giving brief information on my self. Well, I'm a New Yorker of course but I moved to Florida at the age of 8, I'm a huge anime fan, as well as a pretty big Comic fiend. When I was younger I really didn't watch much movies out of the Superhero category. At Least, not much I can remember except of course you’re legendary Disney movies. That I have a very deep love for, Lion King being one of them. I loved Lion King so much, I felt it was best I didn't make my version to such a masterpiece. I didn't have a very big outlook on my writing; I'm 16 turning 17 next month on the 24th pretty excited and I'm working towards going to film School. I also want to say that upon joining Movie Pilot I must say I'm glad to be home, cause that's what it pretty much feels like home. I was so excited to see how much views I got on that article it just pushed me to write more and more. Finally, I found a place where I can spill my heart out with no limits except the limits I place on myself. Being, creative is the key that made me make it so far and I am so happy to have been able to be apart of the Movie Pilot academy. So, again I thank you Movie pilot community for Staffs and Creators for allowing this to be true and allowing me to share my thoughts with the world.


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