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A few weeks ago, [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751) had us all a little choked up during the show's emotional nod to Mrs. Wolowitz, played by Carol Ann Susi, who passed away in real life after a fierce battle with cancer. It was a touching tribute that I think the writers, producers, and actors all nailed. It felt totally honest and real.

The show is no stranger to evoking real human emotion from its viewers, though. Without turning its back on the main hook for the show - which is obviously humor - Big Bang is constantly able to get the audience to feel legitimate sadness and yearning.

So, here are 5 other times that we found ourselves in the odd situation of getting a little emotional during a sit-com.

5. Sheldon and Amy have a very real moment

Instead of being quippy and stand-offish, Sheldon really brightens up in this scene where Amy gives him his Meemaw's cookies after tracking down the recipe. There are many scenes where Sheldon kind of realizes how much Amy loves him (and how much he loves her back), but this one stood out to me. Especially when he says it "tastes like her hugs"... very sweet and touching.

4. Classic heartbreak scene where Penny kisses Zack at New Year's Party

Everybody has been Leonard in this situation. Clearly, you gotta feel for the guy here. But, if you notice they kept the humor going with Sheldon being ridiculous. Humor + Sadness = All the feels.

3. Sheldon learns his theory is wrong from Leonard, and the two bicker realistically

This isn't as sad as the rest, but it's emotional because Sheldon is going through a roller coaster of emotions and the act of counting his friends is sad, but honest. Once again, the humor element is key, but this argument doesn't seem forced - it's two friends trying to spite one another and it swirls up resentments that close friends sometimes have for each other.

2. Amy's sad lonely birthday

Once again, we get a laugh out of a sad moment. I know there have been times when I've been in the midst of a sad moment, and found humor in it. It's an interesting feeling and I think the show tackles it well here.

1. Sheldon skipping town, Leonard and Penny try to stop him

I am honestly not sure if another show knows how to stay funny and witty while also tackling very real human interactions that everybody has had to some degree. I loved how the sequence of "Sheldon, I'm going to miss you" followed by "Of course you are" and "You just made that easier" let us down easy with a hearty laugh after a truly heartfelt scene.


Think The Big Bang Theory is just a bunch of science jokes and nerd glorification? It is certainly deeper than that. When I say that the show transcends comedy, I mean it. I don't think a show can last as long as Big Bang has and stay as popular as it has without some depth. It has some of the most interesting character dynamics of any show, and it resonates with people.

We watch TV shows to feel something. Even if it's a sit-com. We grow attached to these characters and they bring us joy... and sometimes sadness. But we care about them. And THAT is why I think people like this show so much.

Well that... plus Sheldon is freakin' hysterical.

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