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Way back in 1994, Heather, Mike, and Josh went into the Burkittsville woods and never returned. Though they went looking for the truth behind the Blair Witch, their footage didn't offer us any concrete answers as to what original evil existed in that forest or the force that made them disappear.

The best part about open-ended finales is the resulting speculation that follows. Redditor Coveiro shared a compelling theory about the identity of the killer, and it banks on time travel. Yep, you read that right, time travel. Let's break down this reading of the mystery behind The Blair Witch Project.

1. Time travel is more than a possibility

First, we need to explain how the potential for temporal displacement works in The Blair Witch Project. Coveiro feels that time travel is something that the filmmakers wanted viewers to pick up on in order to understand the disappearances. As evidence, they cite the fact that the house remained intact despite being burned down decades earlier. There's also something to be said for Heather and Mike walking 15 hours in the same direction and ending up right back where they started, not to mention the total inability to leave the woods in the first place.

Coveiro is not sure what could cause the time hop (perhaps the cairns that appear), but he thinks they end up in the late 1930s.

2. Which means the killer is...

Rustin Parr, a.k.a. the hermit who Heather, Josh, and Mike find out about in the beginning! Parr brought children back to the shack in the woods to torture and murder them. His method involved making them stare at the corner while listening to deathly screams.

Coveiro points to the fact that while Heather and Mike approach the house, a man's voice can be heard talking to them. It comes across as something like "Follow the sound of my voice!" Coveiro is adamant that it is something totally distinct from Josh, mostly likely Rustin Parr luring the group to the basement. Josh ends up as the the kid forced to stare at the corner, while Heather and Mike are killed by the deranged man.

3. Or is it something else?

Another user, TheWarDoctor, proposes that the culprit the whole time was an old American Indian demon named Hecaitomix. Apparently, the Blair Witch video games leads you to the forest in 1940s, right where the crew ends up in 1994, and goes deeper into the history. In this scenario, the demon possesses those who are unlucky enough to find themselves in his wood. This would mean that even the killers (the Witch, Parr, and potentially Josh) are victims, driven to murder by an evil force.

Like I said earlier, it's a compelling theory. I'm not so sure about using the video game for canon, but I love the idea that it's not as simple as a witch in the forest. There's plenty of room for it to be deeper than that. The time travel aspect might just have me convinced, as well.

Are you buying this 'Blair Witch' fan theory?


Do time-travel and Parr's insanity have you convinced that this is how it all went down?


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