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I was totally on team Hemsworth when it came to the casting for Beast, and although I am totally down with Dan Stevens taking on the role, I must admit I was a bit annoyed for a while.

Then I remembered that Beast was my least favorite Disney prince because he used to make my six-year-old self cry when he changed from a total badass into that weird dude with rosebud lips, and thought Hemsworth deserved a better Disney role.

So, below are the five princes that I think are just crying out for a live action Hemsworth casting, but which Disney shoes do you think would fit him best?

Kristoff (Frozen)

Chris Hemsworth would be a great casting for the burly, unassuming Kristoff. Not only does he have a charming, coy smile like the ice cutter, but he also has the bulky physique to match.

John Smith (Pocahontas)

With his flowing blond locks and chiseled jawline, John Smith is basically an animated Thor, so it wasn't difficult to jump to this casting choice!

Flynn Ryder (Tangled)

I would love to see Hemsworth in a more lighthearted, comedic role and I think casting him as a Flynn Ryder would be an awesome way to fulfill that.

Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

All of the more vintage Disney princes are a little bit too 'pretty boy' for Chris Hemsworth, but if he was going to be one of them, it would have to be the valiant Prince Phillip.

This brave an heroic prince also has a faithful steed, which will give Hemsworth chance to practice the horse riding skills he learned for Snow White and The Huntsman.

Captain Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Okay, I know that Phoebus isn't technically a Disney prince, but don't you think the physical resemblance between the Captain of the Guard and Hemsworth is uncanny?


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