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The Vampire Diaries is a seasoned pro at slamming us right in the delicate feels, and these seriously emotional moments often manage to transcend all of the ships and subdivisions in the fandom.

Whether you are team , or are a sucker for Bonnie and Damon's growing affection for each other, their is something on this list to make you awww aloud, but can you get through it without doing any of the following?

You Can't

  • You're not allowed to say 'awwwww', make a 'squeeeee' sound or make any cutesy sound
  • You must refrain from making any involuntary facial expressions, and yes, that includes smiling

If you crack (which you probably will) let us know which one made you say 'awwww' in the comments.

Good luck!

1. The power of a life-long friendship

2. Those smiles! Did I mention that Zach Roerig is Nina Dobrev's favorite cast member?

3. They've been through so much together, but together they've got through it all...

4. ...And managed even to find love. You can always see it oozing off Jeremy and Bonnie!

5. Of course, they had some help from Alaric, the most adorable father figure you could ask for

6. If that moment where Elena accepts Stefan for who he is with love in her eyes doesn't get you, I'm going to assume you are a hardcore Delena fanatic

7. But all good things have to come to an end, no matter how heartbreaking it is...

8. ...And when a door closes, another one opens

9. The emotion Elena's eyes is like a punch to the heart

10. Do you guys remember when Tyler treated Caroline like a princess...

11. ...But Klaus treated her like a queen...

12. ...And we saw more compassion from him than we ever thought possible

13. Do you remember when Bonnie and Damon used to kind of hate each other...

14. ...Until they became the most adorable best friends ever

15. And if none of that has got you 'awwwing', I'll just leave this flashback here...


So, be honest, how well did you do?


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