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The French illustrator Sylvain Sarrailh is known for using strong pops of color, a steady eye for design, and for reimagining some of our favorite childhood characters as bloodied, murderous beings.

She has recently turned her attention to Disney's catalog of princesses, and given them a bit more flair than we're used to seeing from their characters in the Disney films.

She can do whatever she wants with her hair, this is not Lady Gaga but Rapunzel!
Have beautiful long blond hair is the conformist dream of many little girls, but a nightmare for the Rapunzel's hairdresser who found in her hair ecosystem including new forms of parasitic lives. After an extensive review of the princess long hair, because of its outstanding capillary was found: Rapunzel eat a daily bowl of fertilizer with her orange juice.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
He has gray hair and loves gypsy, no it is not Serge Gainsbourg but Frollo captivated by the beautiful Esmeralda.
Accustomed to flee on the roofs of paris after libidinous assaults from the hunchback of Notre Dame, Esmeralda was noticed and hired by a secret order fighting against sexual harassment. Esmeralda now regularly mission is to quietly disappear the biggests perverts in the capital such as Dominique Strauss Khan. The final target is obviously Claude Frollo, the archdeacon with sticky hands.

She is blonde and icy, it's not Anna Wintour but Elsa, the Snow Queen.
Manage a kingdom from her freezer is not an easy job, which is why Elsa has waived her sovereign status and she is now dedicated to fight global warming with her powers. It is enough for our ice queen of scratching her head to cover the equivalent of a football field with dandruff snow, while a wicked sneeze can cause hailstones. And about the snowballs, you can guess their origin!

She loves nature and does not like that mistreats her forest, no it is not Poison Ivy but Pocahontas.
Arriving in America, John Smith thought he had finally found the perfect place where he could smoke his pipe quiet. But indigenous led by Pocahontas do not really like the new occupants set foot on their territory in the same way they would on a doormat.
Because of indigestion popcorn, John Smith could not go back in time on his boat and was captured by Pocahontas and her tribe of hippies. The end of the story is less dramatic than one might think because John Smith serving styling head to the tribe.

These are just a few of Sylvain Sarrailh's awesome pieces in the series. To check out more of her incredible and macabre works, check out her DeviantArt HERE or Tumblr HERE.


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