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Artist Super Future Kid revels in the eye-popping color, imaginative landscapes, and casting some recognizable faces in her multitude of paintings. She combines a somewhat absurd paintly style with some childhood favorites, placing them in settings (and body types) that we have never seen before.

Check out some of Super Future Kid's ecstatic works below, and be sure to check out her website for even more.

1. Sailor Moon in "Don't eat the snow on Hawaii"

2. Snow White in "Ice Cream Magic"

3. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in "stay puft"

4. Aurora in "Vanilla Snow"

5. Chewbacca in "My little Wookie"

In all my years obsessing over Usagi, I can safely say that I never pictured her on a beach with a mustache. I'm thankful that Super Future Kid clearly has more imagination than I. Remember to go to her page to see even more of her work!

What other movie or cartoon characters would you like to see incorporated into Super Future Kid's hyper-stylized paintings?


Which of these is the most impressive painting?


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