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Another incredibly talented artist has endeavored to recreate Harry Potter characters in a very unique and creative way.

Brittany Lee's constructions out of pop-up paper-craft are phenomenal and are a completely novel take on two iconic scenes from the magical universe.

Each of the creations are so skillfully cut and the colors compliment each other so well. Just take a look!

Harry visits Hedwig

In the scene above, Harry goes up to the Owlry. I love how each tiny owl is unique and so detailed!

Harry uses the Patronus charm

In the second of her Potter pieces, Brittany shows Harry defending Ron and Hermione from the Dementors. His stag patronus is amazing! Just look at the layering in this creation - just how does she do it?

What do you think of her work?

For more fantastic paper creations, take a look at Brittany's blog!


What do you think of this fan art?



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