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As we all know, Harry Potter is a franchise that completely swept up the world over the last 18 years - probably more than any other literary and film series in the world. This next series of photos shows that Harry Potter's influence is so far reaching that it can even be found adorning walls and public spaces in the form of street art!

Check out some of the coolest Harry Potter street art, and see if it doesn't bring a spark of magic to your day:

Sometimes simplicity is key

Sometimes it doesn't have to be big and flashy to make an awesome point, and for fans of the books and films these two little symbols say so much.

The whole crew together again

Aw, all this does is remind me of how many good people we lost along the way! R.I.P. Hedwig, Dobby and Dumbledore

Mr. H Potter

Simple and to the point, I like it!

In a flash of green light

Check out Harry's other hand with the spray can, cheeky!

A great use of the environment

I bet that slimy bastard Wormtail would set up home somewhere like this as well.

Weasley for President!

Weasley is love, Weasley is life.

Hidden away he waits

It took me a minute to sort out what was happening here, but I love the use of space in this one, almost like he's hidden in a cupboard underneath the stairs...

Malfoy and Snape

While it looks like one is in the light and one is shrouded in shadows, in reality we all know which one is the slimy snake and which one is the misunderstood hero!

Which is your favorite? Tell me below!

Source: Trendhunter


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