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Until a few days ago I had only heard the name of this movie, but my girlfriend, had already not just read all the books, and watched the first movie, not one, but 17 times. Well, she of course wants as well to watch the second movie, this time with me... the last series I've read and watched everything was "The Hobbit". What love doesn't does? I had to learn as fast as I could, at least enough to wacth the movie without asking her about any blink of the actors...

Below I'll tell you details about the first book/movie.

Well, I didn't have much time, cause as you guys may already know the release date here in Brasil is: 03/19/2015, (USA gets to see it on 03/20/2015) so as a good movie fan I decided to discover all that I could about the previous and what to expect from Insurgent.

First there's a base that you're going to need:

Chicago (Divergent), Lake Michigan view.
Chicago (Divergent), Lake Michigan view.

First: why the hell the world is so "small", and why does Chicago is the "remaining" part of this destroyed world (and why the world is this way?) ?

For starters aperrently all left is Chicago, and they don't say why until this moment...

The five factions.
The five factions.

Second: Who was the son of a good mother, that decided to split the "rest" of humanity into five groups?

The population of Chicago was so afraid of conflicts that they decided to go for it, their solution was to develop a test to get people (who if together would figth again) separate from each others. So they built a fence and tested everyone to put them away from each other by the personality.

Third: if there's the test everything is fine and no one ever conflicts, rigth?

Acctualy they do figth, cause our main character Tris (up there) and a few other people that gets to be in more than one faction (like the sorting hat at Harry Pottter), these people (couldn't you guys create a sixth faction?) are killed, but they are not in the mood to it, so of course they can survive by trying to live in the proximities of the city, they are called the Divergent.


What dio you think about the new movie?


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