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For years, the idea of a Ghostbusters sequel has been floating around. Dan Aykroyd has been a proponent of it since pretty much the last movie they did. Why has it taken so long to get the fabled sequel and why in a time where it could happen are we getting two movies that aren't true sequels. We have two movies that are apparently in the works, one with a full female cast and one with full male cast. My question, Why do we need two movies to accomplish one?

So as I like to do, I fantasized about [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) as a Ghostbusters fan would want to see. So take a walk with me down my fanboy mind as I paint for you the Ghostbusters movie that should be. The one that would allow for many future spinoffs and one that would allow us fans to see a completed trilogy.


26 years ago we last left the Ghostbusters fighting one of the largest battle with ghosts ever. The events that happened in New York allowed for the acceptance of ghosts all around the world. In keeping up with the fast paced 90's, the Ghostbusters crew started their very on corporation. In those 26 years they became the largest ghost pest removal company in the world. Having a Ghostbusters unit in every major city.

Dr. Stantz is the CEO of the Ghostbusters Corp and has led it to become what it is today. Dr. Venkman however did not want to join Raymond in his ventures, he went out to become a day time talk show host. His show is very similar to Dr.Phil except he deals with family ghost problems. Winston works under Dr. Venkman and is one of the only original Ghostbuster to still go on jobs. His latest job has taken him down to New Orleans to work with team that is having problems.

In New Orleans, there are two Ghostbusters units. Due to the increased paranormal activity in the area these two units stay pretty busy. One of these units is led by (Melissa McCarthy) while the other is led by (Channing Tatum). These groups end up showing up at a large outbreak of ghosts. When they reach the source, they already find Winston battling a large demon. This demon has the power to raise any spirit he wants. Winston knows that this is going to be a huge problem.

Winston: Dr.Stantz, its Winston Zeddmore. We got a problem down here in New Orleans.

Stantz: What sort of problem? Don't we have two units down there?

Winston: Yes, and they are properly trained to handle generic ghosts. What I saw down here ain't no ghost though. Digging a little bit through the Bible, it looks like its a demon named Abbadon.

Venkman: Demon! Are you sure its not just a nasty ghost?

Winston: Sir, its raising the dead and as fast as we can get them, 10 more raise. Our proton backs are useless against the demon.

Stantz: I'll be down there as soon as I can. I might need some assistance from Venkman, he was our demonologist at one point.

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