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I'm all about letting my deepest, darkest movie-related secrets out into the universe lately. It's cathartic! This week, I want to share a dirty love affair with a film I've tried to cover up for 10 years...

I know what you're thinking- Elektra? Really?


I was... let's just say 'in my late teens' when Elektra came out in 2005. Don't do that math! Move on! Perhaps a little back-story is in order here though..

Before the magic of Jennifer Garner's Elektra came into my life, my mother and I used to religiously watch her kick-ass as an international spy in an amazing little show called ALIAS. Haven't seen it? Here's a great GIF that sums up the plot in 10 seconds- thanks technology!

The perfect crime-fighting family
The perfect crime-fighting family

But back to the movie at hand- I had high hopes for Elektra due to my love for Garner and ALIAS, and (full disclosure) my predisposition to love anything she was involved in probably helped to sway my judgement on this one. However, when I watched it at the time (and time and time again) I loved it! Looking back, I can obviously concede that the acting is terrible, the dialogue gives me the shivers, and the over-sexualised costume and make up choices, not to mention the impractical hair styling during fight scenes was rather embarrassing.

But hey, I don't regret it! I had fun secretly enjoying it, and I feel much better now for releasing my movie shame to you all.

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