ByFiore Mastracci, writer at


Any more weekends like the past one, and Hollywood will be looking for a new job.

[Chappie](movie:466720) captured first place with an abysmal $13 million take. Vince Vaughn's UNFINISHED BUSINESS could only muster $4.8 million.

FOCUS, in its second week, and off by nearly 50% ticket sales, took second place with $11 million. Look for the films which opened the past two weeks to fade from the Top Ten list, and memory, quickly.

PR folk, deigned to create alibis, are blaming the poor turn out on the weather; but, frankly, this weekend was the best weekend in the past two months for those blanketed by all this global warming. The truth, which shall set you free, is that the product sucks. Major studios are banking on their tentpole summer releases, and paying little attention to anything else. Bad for business.

Of larger concern is Neill Blomkamp's dismal opening week performance. He is in charge of the new [Alien 5](movie:1468950). His recent box office clout, however, does not readily justify placing this type of project in his hands.


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