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In terms of open world madness, last year saw many of us delightfully run around Ubisoft's only GOOD Triple A game of 2014; Far Cry 4. The game's madness was a sheer delight to engage with, and while the protagonist is certainly forgettable, the insane, animal-fuelled action was not! Now we look to 2015 and beyond to top this madness, and of course, there's only one series that could do that; Just Cause.

Just Cause has a very similar setting to Far Cry. It's always been drenched in colour, featured on an island or sunny location and focused on some great combat. Far Cry 4 certainly has its madness, but it really can't compare with riding on the back of nuclear bombs at the conclusion of Just Cause 2. How can Just Cause 3 make the series any crazier on the XBOX One , PS4 and PC?!?!

Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3

Well, that image is a good start I suppose!

Just Cause 3 & Far Cry 4

I'm dying to see when Avalanche Studios unveil the release date of Just Cause 3 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The video game community desperately needs more games like Just Cause 2. It becomes endlessly tiresome seeing games trying to incorporate real life physics. These physics are accompanied by dull, uninviting surroundings. They're consistently grey and take place in the classic warehouses and scrapyards. BORING!

Just Cause plunges you into a world of colour and a land where helicopters are only a grapple hook away. But most of all, I adore how Just Cause has no desire to take itself seriously. This is apparent from the outset of Just Cause 2 when we're introduced to our characters and their appallingly hilarious voice acting! Sunset Overdrive was our well deserved break last year, let's hope Just Cause 3 will be 2015's.

Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 Gameplay E3 2015

But madness is not enough! We can't simply be handed a prettier version of Just Cause 2 and be expected to pay full PS4 and Xbox One prices. Here's hoping that Avalanche Studios have found some ways of incorporating some great new gameplay mechanics into Just Cause 3. We have't seen any gameplay yet, though we've been assured that it'll be "worth the wait!"

E3 2015 will more than likely hold some great Just Cause 3 surprises in store! I had a lot of fun with Far Cry 4's madness last year, but I want the industry to step up its game and here's hoping that Just Cause 3 is the answer to my prayers. Looking forward to Just Cause 3's release date on Xbox One, PS4 and PC? Let us know in the comments!


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