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Dana Lynne Abeln

I feel like I'm in an AA meeting talking about this but, "Hello, my name is Dana and I'm a Sharknado addict."

Don't judge me! I'm not proud.

This movie is terrible, like, really terrible. So horrendous it's become a trilogy. Why? Because of the franchise is self aware of it's EPIC terribleness. I remember watching the trailer for this movie and literally crying it was so bad.

But that's why I love it.

I mean really, watch this trailer and don't tell me it's not a little funny. C'mon, there's no way a man could stand his ground and chainsaw a flying shark unless you were He-Man. Sharks weigh a lot and Chainsaws aren't that fast at cutting. At least, none that I've ever used (and yes, I have actually used one before).

Not only is the science behind this movie impossible but the acting is awful but that's the thing...It works for this kind of movie. To me, it's a parody of every natural disaster movie out there that's considered 'good'.

So as long as you're not taking this film seriously, this movie is actually really funny. I'm excited to see Sharknado 3 which David Hasselhoff just signed on to.


What did you think of Sharknado?


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