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Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy. It's clear by now for those who played who these beings are right? Ghosts of dead children murdered by the infamous Purple man. That much is clear by the mini games and in game story but what about the others?

Are the others simply animatronics running a muck when the the clock strikes twelve? Or is Phone guy once again keeping secrets from us? Honestly I'm going with the latter and i have a few theories on one in particular.

The workers simply call her Mangled. A robot that the children can build and tear apart but that wasn't her first purpose. According to Phone Guy like all the other 'new' robots she has a supposedly built in data base for child molesters and she has radio capable to call the police. Sounds incredible but something doesn't sound quite right.

It's known that this game is a prequel to Five nights at Freddy's and most agree before the bite of 87'. So if that's true than those robots where way ahead of their time since the national sex offender registry wasn't organized and compiled until 1991.

So if they're not running on this no existent system than why would they attack you the night guard of all people? Unless they know more than they seem.

Out of all the animatronics that supposedly have a radio to call the police her's is the only one you can actually hear in game play. In When she's in the ventilation you will pick up a static sound of a radio with an occasional answer coming through, 10-1 followed by what sounds like send help. In police code it means someone needs help and weak signal.

So if it's correct who needs help? Could it be Mangle herself?

If she's not a child like the others could she had been an adult when she died? Possibly a police or military officer?

During the 80s if she was either on patrol or even undercover all she would have had was her radio so if she was attacked and her radio smashed all that might have been able to be received was a gargled mess of static followed by a weak message for help.

Sure it would have made news and this location might have even been closed down unless like the children her body was also never found.

Am i stretching slightly? Probably but if she's nothing more than another mindless robot than why does she also appear in the third game as a phantom as well as a playable character in a mini game?

Too bad Phone guy couldn't give us more information before he was stuffed into a suit because we may never know.


What do you think? A possible theory or utter nonsense?


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