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I know what you're thinking. How could you possibly enjoy one of the worst rated, most critically panned superhero films in recent memory (if not of all time)? How could you possibly find a shred of goodness or a single redeeming quality in a film where the hero employs a fully CG costume? I'll tell you how:

Ryan Reynolds = Hal Jordan

Arguably the most heartbreaking case of perfect casting in a bad film. I know a lot of Deadpool fanatics will argue this point, most of whom are probably ecstatic that Green Lantern crashed and burn so that Reynolds was free to reprise his roll as the merc with a mouth, but Ryan Reynolds was the perfect Hal Jordan in my eyes. His interpretation of the character had the potential to become a seminal and iconic addition to DC lore, and should have done to the DCCU what Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark did for the MCU: launch the whole damn style.

Reynolds had the perfect mix of arrogant charm and buried sincerity and the film benefited greatly from his portrayal. I've often stated that Robert Downey Jr.'s signature humor and sardonic wit helped ground the more out-of-this world elements of the Marvel films and kept it all from becoming too ridiculous. Ryan Reynolds did the same in the way he was able to completely sell that a pilot could inherit a magic green ring and lantern and be subsequently bestowed with nigh unlimited power. Scenes like when he is trying to charge his ring for the first time, showing off his suit to his best friend, or immediately and cheekily revealing his identity to Carol Ferris are why I appreciate this movie. Sure the plot is pretty ludicrous and Parallax was sorely misused, but the humor, combined with some badass moments (final fight in front of the damn sun!) make it a fun ride despite how poorly it was executed.

C'mon you can't tell me this wasn't badass...
C'mon you can't tell me this wasn't badass...

I realize I just used this post to defend Green Lantern instead of admit my shame at enjoying it but I can't help it; I get defensive about movies I love even if I know in my heart of hearts that they are pretty bad. Speaking of which, who wants to talk about the Star Wars Prequels...?


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