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These are my hopes for the future of the MCU on Netflix

Netflix is currently developing 5 marvel shows; Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and finally The Defenders a mini series about the four previously mentioned heroes forming a team. This whole story unfolds right after the Chitauri trashed New York in the first Avengers film. Daredevil will be added to Netflix on April 10th and will be the first of four super hero shows leading towards the defenders.

Im hoping marvel will continue to introduce more super heroes into the MCU through netflix for years to come. Personally, i want to see a second team formed on netflix made the way the defenders team is made, each member getting there own show before forming an actual team. This would be a much darker team, made up of Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and The Punisher. Im not really sure how theyd be brought together, but maybe punisher would fight Mar Spector who he thinks is still a mercenary and they would battle but then settle things and be allies, on Moon Knight we would see the creation of the villainn Morpheous im sure they could alter his origin some because he such a minor character some how connecting his origin to the supernatural.Maybe Blade tracks him down thinking he is a Vampre, not knowing Mephisto is also interested in him so then Ghost Rider and Blade end up teaming up to fight Black Heart and Morpheus but they get beat badly and escape and as theyre leaving they witness moon knight show up and stop morpheus but blackheart escapes

so basically the team-up show would have them teamup to take down organized crime led by mephisto or something and throw in vampires and stuff. haha im not the writer of this show im just thinking out loud

id also want to see all the netflix heroes so far either in captain america civil war or getting a civil war tie in miniseries maybe just one episode per character dedicated to their personal stuggles during the super human registration act. Maybe they could do both the netflix Civil War miniseries would serve as a prequel to the events in captain america civil war

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