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I am a big marvel fan. I love what they have done with the comic to movie adaptions. Not many film studios can pull of these kinds of movies and Marvel has done the best so far. But, when you decide to do a cash grab for the final installment of possibly the best franchise you have by splitting [The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027) into 2 parts. That raises some red flags.

This habit of hollywood splitting the final installment into 2 parts is annoying! There has been a tone of franchises doing this recently from the hunger games, harry potter, twilight(terrible movie but popular among twi hards) and now the avengers franchise? This is really annoying with the simple fact of us not wanting to have to wait close to a year to find out what is going to our favorite team of super heroes.

Avengers cast (possibly) for the final installment
Avengers cast (possibly) for the final installment

Now this is annoying, but if [Marvel](channel:932254) plays their cards right, this could actually be a good thing. But they HAVE to play them right or else we are going to get another one of these

Cheese and more Cheese
Cheese and more Cheese

Now I can see this 2 part movie going 3 ways

1.) Thanos Fights the Avengers In both movies

this is one of the 2 most likely options. We know that He is strong enough to handle all the Avengers in a fight. But here is a twist that should shock some fanboys, [The Avengers](movie:9040) LOSE! (more specifically they retreat) Then Thanos goes on a rampage at the end of the movie of the first or the start of the second. This can be changed around a bit to cater to the comics. But the summary is that the avengers retreat and Thanos wins round 1. Then the avengers win round 2 in an epic bout of wit, thunder, rage, arrows, repulser blasts, and whatever else they can throw at him.

2.) The Avengers fight each other in the first part and Thanos in the second

The second of the 2 most likely options ties in with the Civil War storyline that could still potential be going on. I mean (spoiler from the comics and cap 3)

Civil War
Civil War





Cap dies in the end of Civil War. Who will replace him? Who knows?





So if that does happen with the team. Not everyone is going to like that. So they could potential fight each other. Then at the end of the film they realize oh wait, Thanos is the guy we want to fight. So then they fight Thanos in the second film.

3.) They fight Thanos in the first film and the collector in the 2nd

the one way the avengers franchise will probably not end. (sadly) We know that the collector is on the hunt for the infinity gems and other weapons. For who? we don't know? What if he turned on Thanos and took the gauntlet at the end of the first movie. Then the Avengers fight the collector in the second with cameos from some of the other heroes from other marvel movies as they were collected by the collector. (duh) This could be the curveball that would have comic book nerds in shock in the theaters. I think this could be the final nail in the coffin for the DC cinematic universe as well which means more money for marvel.

So either way I am going to go see both parts of the Avengers Infinity War. But if it is one of these endings I would see it as a win.

But if the script and acting gets lazy, and laughable the movies will be the biggest letdown in cinema history.


let me know what you think.


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