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Hey PLL Army //

We're just two weeks away from the and we couldn't be more excited to analyze, and figure out more clues to the big question: who is behind -A's identity? Even though we may not know the full details yet, we have been analyzing certain characters whom we think could be -A, could be helping -A, or could know who -A is and are protecting their identity. Whoever -A is, we do have suspects. One suspect being, Hanna Marin.

She's Smart: We know what you're thinking. How could Hanna be a suspect for -A? Maybe she isn't -A, but we have several clues that could prove otherwise. It's true that Hanna does come off as the comic relief, and the liar that isn't so smart. But lately, we've had our suspicions. In fact, her consistent act of cluelessness might be a cover up of who she really is. From what we've gathered, Hanna is a smart. Even Mona proved it in 5a, insisting that Hanna was smarter than Spencer. There is also the fact that somehow Hanna got into every college that she applied for. We know that -A could quite possibly have a habit of breaking into college databases and making decisions concerning the liars. Did -A do that for all of Hanna's applications? Possibly. We've also seen her investigative mind, which is genius. We've seen it in action with the detective book club that she had with Holbrook, and how quickly she made the jump from 'Carjack' to 'Varjack' to 'Varjak'. Also, did we fail to mention how she passed her SCT's with flying colors? She did so well that the guidance counselor accused her of cheating.

Handwriting: Remember that one time she revealed that she was a master at forging someone's handwriting? Forging her mom's signature is one thing, but in season three she does this once again. Would it be too far fetched to say that Hanna might have more to do with the -A game than we think because of this known fact? We don't think so.

Her Reaction to Ali Coming Home: Everyone else was conflicted whether or not they wanted Ali to stay in Rosewood, while Hanna just wanted her gone. The girl didn't even seem to be excited for Ali's return, rather she helped her leave town instead. Was this Hanna's plan all along? Could this be a clue that she's connected to the -A game?

Mike's Weight Bench: If you didn't notice before, you'll notice now. Go back and watch when -A messed with Mike's weight bench. Before this was discovered, we can see Hanna eyeing it, asking Aria, 'How much did he pay for this?' Was she asking this just to get a better look at the thing, or plotting to sabotage in?

Vivian Darkbloom: Hanna knew about Vivian Darkbloom when Ali was still on the run from -A, while all the other girls were still trying to play catch up and didn't find out until after Ali's alter-ego died.

Jail: Hanna is now in jail with Ali. Maybe it was her plan all along just to destroy Ali once and for all. Also, did you notice how there was no -A scene after last weeks episode. Is this a clue?

What do you think? Could Hanna be on the -A team or do you think it's someone else? Sound off in the comments below.


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