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Tommy Boy Carter

Hello I thought with this being my first article that I should start with something I love. I am proud to say that I love the villains, and I believe deep down that everybody loves the villains. Villains can do whatever they want, when they want, where they want and don't give a damn about who gets in their way to get want they want. Villains seek out their deepest desires and try to crush their enimes, and they are upfront about what they are. Villains are proud to say they are evil, that they are manics, and all around nutjobs hellbent on destruction, chaos, and mayhem. The villains are what it is all about these days, and let's face some people are tired of routing for the heros and their high moral beliefs.

The villains always get all the biggest, baddest, and coolest high tech weapons, and some villains have more powers than some heros, and most of the time the villains will have waaaaay cooler powers than some lame ass hero. Villains have more fun using their powers because they are not afraid of embracing their inner darkness. And some villains believe themselves to be a hero in their own right like Marvel's Magneto (a personal favorite of mine.) And other villains like to mix things up and combaine high tech weaponary, and the supernatual like Doctor Victor Von Doom (another personal favorite of mine.) And lets not forget that not all villains have powers or high tech weapons, and to me those are the most dangerous, conniving, baddest muther f# in comics, movies, tvs, and everywhere else.


The villains who don't have powers or high tech weapons are my favorites. They can get away with a lot more on a personal level with the heros. Like the clown price of crime himself the The Joker, and where would Batman be without the Joker, where would any of the heros be without the villains around to have some fun. Joker brings out the best in Batman cause he gets inside the heros head and laughs while doing it. Now on some level we want the villains to win to see them get their happy endings, to get girls, and kick the hero's asses all over the place. We the people love the villains cause they can do whatever they want and not fell guilty about it. We love the villains cause deep down we know that we have that darkness within us as well, that we can be that badass, that we can be so cool we can epic music when we walk into the room. The heros would not be we they are without the villains around, and vise versa, that good cannot exsist without evil and vise versa. We love the villains cause the cause soo much trouble, heartbreak, and other pyschological issues for the heros so the heros can be challaged enough to rise victory. But the most important reason why we love the villains is well cause it's cool to be the badguy!


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