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Movie addict and aspiring director.
Shadan Syed

Hey guys! So, there is a new hash tag in the market which requires me to share my secret movie shame and here are three of them!

Well I had started watching Harry Potter series at age of six and these English movies with great themes really made be go mad over them. I watched them dubbed in Hindi (India's language) and they were (as they were humorously dubbed) funny but still awesome.

I LOVED Daredevil

Well Daredevil was released in 2004 and I was four. Anyways, I know I did not watch it until I was six/seven. When I watched Daredevil, I liked it SO much! It was action packed and little humorous (Blame the dubbing).

Only after I watched it last year (yeah, I did have the courage) I realized it was...bad...sorry for being light on this young innerself still likes it!

I Was In Love with Avatar!

That is it! I don't want to elaborate! Please leave me!

Dragon Ball Z seemed cool!

Yeah...this is messed up $#!t

So here were my three big movie related secrets. Do you have some of your own? Well why not be a creator and share them with us! Just use as a tag when you spill those beans!


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