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Hey my names Jessica Stevenson, I'm from Canada and I love Ratchet and Clank and Marve, DC
Jessica Stevenson

Alpha Flight

The Avengers have the Hulk, Guardians of the galaxy have Groot, Canada has the Sasquatch on our side. As well as more well known hero Wolverine and deadpool. Canada has the Alpha Flight team as our version of other well known super teams. Consisting of not very well known hero's, like Guardian/Captain Canada. Guardian has super human ability's stemming from his high tech battle suit, allowing him to fly and shoot beams of concussive force, has its own personal force field and increases strength. under that suit is a brilliant inventor and above average athlete with extensive hand to hand combat knowledge. And that's only one of them.

I'm new here but I'll try to do a Canadian super hero each day, so stay tuned.


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