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I love participating in contests on this site, it's so much fun! I love how it always comes down to a contest of creative skills as far as writing is concerned. Well, Kat Bacon had put up an article stating that one of her colleagues, the MoviePilot resident gamer Ken had set a record of 2:20 on Mario Kart 8's Rainbow Road track. This was a new kind of challenge for MoviePilot, this was the challenge of gaming skills and I couldn't pass it up. Me, being a long-time video game fan and fan of all things Nintendo (thanks to my older brother James) decided to seize the opportunity to show off what gaming skills I have. I was glad to have beat the record by ending with a time of:


Check out the video!

So, I guess there's not much else to say except:

"I WIN!"

Also, if you don't want to sit through the entire video of watching my wife's smartphone recording as she tries to get my son from hitting the television with a drumstick, then you can watch the 60 second highlight real below in HD uploaded straight from my Wii U.



I feel kind of villainous having won with Bowser.

Ooh! Pretty!
Ooh! Pretty!

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