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1. Orny Adams appeared at the Burbank Teen Wolf convention Days of the Wolf, and one of his first announcements was that he won’t be appearing in season 5. Teen Wolf is trying to get him back for an episode, but we'll see.

2. California Tax Credits Could Signal a Season 6 for Teen Wolf.

We should find out in May if MTV’s Teen Wolf will be back for a Season 6. The application period for California based television programs seeking part of the state’s $230 million Film and TV Tax Credit program runs May 11-17.

State officials said today that returning shows, like Teen Wolf, will share $90 million to help defer production costs. Taxpayers have already helped fund Teen Wolf Seasons 3 and 4. The tax credit program is currently paying for $11 million worth of the costs of the 20 episodes in Season 5.

Jeff Davis strongly hinted that Season 5 would be the last during a convention in October, “It’s all a question really of the network, whether they decide it’s not too expensive to shoot the show anymore or really whether it’s worth it to them. If people keep watching and still like the show we’ll keep doing it.”

Sources close to the program tell Teen Wolf News that Davis is now more open to returning for a Season 6 and, with the failure of the network's recent new shows to garner significant ratings, MTV may need to keep their most popular drama on the network for a while longer.

Much of that decision will hinge on the California State Tax Credits scheme. Everyone agrees that Teen Wolf is too expensive to continue without it. We’ll know for sure once the applications are submitted to the state and become public record in May.


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