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Thomas Marsula

It would have never occurred to me that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was going to have a parody of a zombie-like dude in a bunny furry suit hacking and slashing stupid teenagers. The thing is it tries to keep itself so serious which is something I do appreciate. When I see movies come out and there sell point in origin is that it's so bad it's good kind of takes away from the experience for me, like I felt like Sharknado was is perfect example of this. It's easy to tell that it was the focus. From what I can recall from the bunnyman massacre it almost felt like it was trying to commit to this bunnyman being a true separate identity in the world of horror. When I first saw this I had no idea it was a parody until very recently and looking at the actual box art. With the tunes my serious I found it that much more funny because of how ridiculous the original premise is. If I where to try a make a movie in this category I will definitely prefer taking this more challenging route where as Sharknado had an easy twitter explosion, something I constantly would wish would happen to Syndicate X. In a way I find Syndicate X is a super hero parody, but I want the material to be super serious. In likeliness I got this trait from seeing a movie like bunnyman massacre.

Thing is how don't recall if this movie even has any stupid lines or not. And for someone like me that's even more amazing because it does make me want to see it again just to check. I just recall the environment not even being that scary. I believe the last few scenes take place in broad daylight if not the entire movie. The thing is someone like myself constantly has to remind myself the the "threat" of the movie is a man in a furry suit and the animal is not one that's even intimidating. With such lowered exceptions I feel like the humor doesn't have to be so forced. I'm not saying that I dislike something Sharknado I just think a lot of the material is somewhat forced. I think I could deal with some less supernatural stuff in horror in general since it's been that way for a while. A movie like bunnyman massacre has inspired to want to write a more realistic so bad it's good horror film. I think it would be a least a step in a good direction. I don't know what it is about horror in general where I feel it's created the most of the so bad it's good movies overall. Perhaps I will script something and even post it here.

I don't know if the bunnyman massacre will continue after bad reviews, but I personally found it to be inspirational and it put a smirk on my face seeing a bunny fursuiter chainsaw a bunch of stupid teens.


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