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Oliver Queen is one of the sons of a billionar businessman who owns a company. Oliver decides to go on a boat trip with his oldman , as a good rich-boy he decides to take a date with him... big mistake Ollie....


On this Boat trip an accident happened ... he was the only survivor... Oliver spent five years on a hellish island with only one goal... survive... On thoes five years he mas involved in military problems and issues . of course he had some friends ,but some of them became his enemys.... after being on this island he returned to his city; Starling city with one goal... to save his city

Starling is infected with crime and corruption, someone dear to him told him that he must make right his/her wrongs , so when he was home , he knew what to do... justice

THIS TV SERIES IS REALLY AMAZING , FULL OF DRAMA AND ACTION, I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT IF YOU LIKE ACTION , JUSTICE , SUPER HEROS , AND AMAZING PLOT TWIST ( IT HAS 2 SEASONS AND THE THIRD IS STILL ON TO THIS DATE ) but not everything is perfect, the only thing that is not thaaaat good are some action sequences between the arrow and the bad guys , because some of them seem to me a little bit crazy and ilogical , think about it... a dude with a bow and arrow ... hit the bad guy with one shoot... and the bad guy didnt hit the arrow with his freaking gun...


Stephen Amell
Katie Cassidy
Colin Donnell
David Ramsey
Willa Holland
Emily Bett Rickards
Manu Bennett
Colton Haynes
Susanna Thompson
John Barrowman
Paul Blackthorne

all of them have done an amazing job in their interpretations, especialy Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy, with out a doubt i would love to see these two actors on the big screen. The director Greg Berlanti did an amazing job, if you do not know this guy , you will , cause he is involved in Flash and Supergirl TV series.

Grant Gustin as the flash
Grant Gustin as the flash
Melissa Benoist as super girl
Melissa Benoist as super girl

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