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Back in 2009 Twentieth Century Fox announced that they would be releasing a new [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) film. They said it would be a complete reboot and would ignore the previous two films that did well at the box office but poor with critics and fans. In 2012 Josh Trank announced that he would direct the film. FOX picked him because they distributed his film 'Chronicle' the same year and it received positive reviews and did well at the box office. The release dates changed as well, in December of 2012, FOX said the film would be released in March of 2015, then in November of 2013 the date was changed to June of 2015. Now the official release date for this movie has been changed to August 8, 2015. Last year the casting process began, Michael B Jordan ('Chronicle') and Kate Mara ('House of Cards') were cast as Johnny and Sue Storm aka, The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman in February. In March Miles Teller ('Whiplash') and Jamie Bell ('Snowpiercer') were cast as Reed Richards and Ben Grimm aka, Mister Fantastic and The Thing. Not to long after that Toby Kebbell ('Dawn of The Planet of the Apes') was cast as Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom. Additionally, they are joined by Reg. E Cathey ('Oz') who is playing Dr. Franklin Storm, father of Johnny and Sue, and Tim Blake Nelson ('The Incredible Hulk') as Harvey Elder. Filming began in May of that year and concluded in August.

People criticized the casting since all of these actors are quite young, but the film is based off of the 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' comics where they are all in college. Another thing people were upset about was the fact that no footage or images were being shown to promote this movie at all. We didn't know what the suits were going to look like, we didn't know the tone of this film we knew nothing at all. Then in December of 2014, the thing that people talk about all the time now when they hear about this film was announced; Toby Kebbell revealed that this version of Doctor Doom would be extremely different from the original source material. He revealed that this version of the character would be named Victor Domashev and he was an 'anti-social' computer programmer, and blogger. On blogging sites his name is "Doom". Fans have now been saying this movie will be awful and that FOX should hand the rights back to Disney and a lot of other negative stuff towards this film. Back in January we finally got our first teaser for the film and it didn't show to much, except that the film seemed much darker than the two previous films.

The film is still five moths away, and too be honest I think this movie will be a big hit. I loved Chronicle, and I really like what Trank is doing with these characters. Would I have liked to have seen Victor von Doom and all his hammy glory, yes of course I would have but this origin of Doctor Doom may be different than the comics but once he becomes Doom the question is will he capture the heart of who Doctor Doom is in the comics. The same applies for the heroes as well, their backgrounds might be different but will they play the characters how we imagine them to be.

Toby Kebbell as Doom in "Fantastic Four"
Toby Kebbell as Doom in "Fantastic Four"


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