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1. Sasha ( AKA The new Andrea)

If you are a big Walking Dead fan and you have read the comics you should have realized by now that Sasha has picked up the role that Andrea leads in the comic book series. You also might have missed the short part when Sasha decides to go to the welcoming party and Spencer Monroe opens the door to greet Sasha with smooth talk (Andrea and Spencer have a unrequited short relationship). There is also Sasha's insane sniping skills, a talent Andrea also possesses. Finally we must not forget

2. What's with the "M"?

There are many ideas going viral on the internet for what the "M" stands for on the walkers foreheads. My prediction is much everyones prediction, Morgan. We have only seen Morgan briefly at the end of some episodes of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and I think that he will be appearing soon, in fact I think he will be there in the next episode "Spend". If you have seen the promo then you are most likely excited to see why everyone is in a line with there guns pointing at something, my guess is that since in the comics Abraham is a builder, he is expanding the communities wall, and as his team is expanding the wall, they come across Morgan. Now nobody get ahead of themselves it is a stretch but it is only a prediction so please don't wreck me in the comments if I'm wrong. Now, to answer your question about this mysterious "M". I have a feeling that Rick knows Morgan is still alive and not in his booby trapped house (HOW DID HE GET OUTTA THERE!). That being said I think that Morgan is trying to show Rick that he is close by.

3. Negan

He is close! Yes Negan is coming to The Walking Dead! You can tell Negan is coming soon because it looks like the dearest leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone is hiding something! Could our answer be that she knows about the other communities! Hilltop, The Kingdom! The Sanctuary! When will she tell the newcomers, and when will Negan come for his next pickup....


4. Everyone is eyeing what will happen to Carl! (Pun intended)

There have been many speculations over the internet that Carl might soon lose one of eyes! Ernnnnn! My prediction: Remember over the summer when Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl Dixon) posted a chopped off arm on the floor! I think that the writers will cut out (pun not intended) the part will Carl losing his eye, and replace it with someone losing there hand. Will Rick take the pain like he did in the comics, or will Carl and Rick both lose something!

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