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Well, I've once more decided to take another and possibly last chance at this. Let's hope this goes well.

My 'How is should have ended' kind of effects what happens sort of towards the beginning-middle, when Bane breaks Batman. What I propose is..

What if Batman actually was broken? And he didn't come back? To fight at least..

All of the things in the movie would happen. Bane's goons taking over, blowing up stuff, football stadium, kid singing, bombs..

It would be complete and utter carnage. And here's where our hero comes in.

Bane would blow up Wayne Manor. Not seeing anything of importance there, one Joseph Gordon-Levitt would wander upon- Not a Robin suit.. But a Nightwing suit.

Nananananananananananananananana NIGHTWING!
Nananananananananananananananana NIGHTWING!

He would then take over as the defender of Gotham, along with a few friends, of course. Commissioner Gordon, and some of the surviving members of the GCPD. One of them being one Miss Barbara Gordon. She would, instead of her original way of becoming Oracle, would be hurt in a battle with one of Bane's goons. Paralyzed, she would become Oracle. Or maybe, she would do combat as Bat-Girl..? Either way, in the end, Bruce Wayne would be the one to defeat Bane. But he would sacrifice himself to do it. Or would he? He would die with the whole bomb set-up, but he would take Bane with him, knocking him out first of course.

Anyways, this is what I believe The Dark Knight Rises should have ended with. What do you think?


Could this have worked? Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been Nightwing, or Robin?


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